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And we’re packing, we’re packing…

Lee and I got to spend the evening upstairs in the hot muggy attic going through the remaining boxes for our move Monday. It sounds worse than it was though, because we also got to do that fun couple thing where you come across some relic of your life/relationship/family and share the details with your S.O.

Lee found the “coffee cup he swiped from his job at Louisville Public Library, back in the day when there was only one area code in Denver”. I found the jewelry box “of Doom”, the one he handed to me upon returning from a business trip right after we had moved in together, making me think he was proposing and causing me to have the fight or flight response. We both found the myriad of odd things you end up keeping during a major move, such as all the magnets from our refrigerator.

It was a fun and cozy evening. We ended the work with an hour watching Comedy Central, seeing Mr. Vargus Mason on HBO was pretty darn cool, I must say. We laughed in between yawns, because midnight is late for us baby having old people.

Tomorrow is the Yard Sale From Hell, to be followed by the Move of Ickiness. However, when it is all over, we will live in the house we love, far away from soul sucking Red Bank and our soulless landlords. We will be renting from people we get along with and trust. Things will be better.

Until then, we’re packing.

(Everything but the) Kitchen Sink Curry…

Conundrum. What does one make for dinner every night the month before moving? You know, that month when the last thing you want to do is go to Costco to stock up on three months worth of green beans, rice, cereal, and coffee?

I stood in my cupboard, which is far from bare, but somehow always seems to have nothing in it anyway, and attempted to decide. Pasta, nope, had that last night. Hmmm…. I have ground beef and garlic, okay, fry that up with some olive oil. What to add…. Oh look! Savory mushroom rice pilaf! Great! Get that cooking…. still not quite a meal….Voila! Dried shitake mushrooms! Boil some water and get those ready to add. Anything else? Well… here is some red wine, some dried cranberries, and some curry powder. Why not!

So yes, we are having what I call… (Everything but the) Kitchen Sink Curry. It is surprisingly tasty.

Oh, ask not for whom the baby cries….

Living in the twilight zone…

Okay. I lived in Colorado for the first 30 and 3/4 years of my life. All my friends were there, barring the few that left. All my connections, family, peers, etc., were located within a short distance. I could have lunch whenever I wanted. I had an active social life. I saw people outside the office and my immediate family.

Now, I live in New Jersey. When I am in the office, I feel fine. When I am home with Lee and Monkey, I feel fine. When I am able to meet with Ellen, or Tiff, or the other few friends I have here, I feel fine. However, the rest of the time, I feel like I am in the twilight zone.

I can’t call my friends and go out for a late movie or a beer/coffee while Lee hangs out with Monkey. The friends I have here can’t really go out late. I can’t go to the breakfasts I used to attend every week, or stop by my parents for dinner. I stay home every single night of the week, except for coffee for two hours on Sundays. I stay home because here, I have no one to go out with.

I have read all my books, I have watched all the rental movies I want to watch. What do I do now?