(Everything but the) Kitchen Sink Curry…

Conundrum. What does one make for dinner every night the month before moving? You know, that month when the last thing you want to do is go to Costco to stock up on three months worth of green beans, rice, cereal, and coffee?

I stood in my cupboard, which is far from bare, but somehow always seems to have nothing in it anyway, and attempted to decide. Pasta, nope, had that last night. Hmmm…. I have ground beef and garlic, okay, fry that up with some olive oil. What to add…. Oh look! Savory mushroom rice pilaf! Great! Get that cooking…. still not quite a meal….Voila! Dried shitake mushrooms! Boil some water and get those ready to add. Anything else? Well… here is some red wine, some dried cranberries, and some curry powder. Why not!

So yes, we are having what I call… (Everything but the) Kitchen Sink Curry. It is surprisingly tasty.

Oh, ask not for whom the baby cries….

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  1. You cook like I do. Every night, my mother-in-law used to ask my husband what was for dinner and no one knew until I walked in the door. I can’t imagine a system of “if it’s Monday, it’s meatloaf.”

    I think the Food Channel is missing out on a good idea for a show – you have to go into a stranger’s home that is reasonably well stocked and make a meal out of what is there. Of course, you could throw a twist in and have some key ingredient missing …

  2. The Take Home Chef has nothing on you! Ok, he is rather attractive!

    Dinner sounds like it was pretty good.

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