Babies, frogs, and ceramic tile…

Cute baby picture:

Yes, I have found it! The portable baby swing with lights and soft soothing music, the co-workers willing to work with a sling hanging from their shoulders from time to time. The sweet sounds of sleeping infant while working… human companionship, brain activity, and a potential paycheck! It is mommy heaven. The world’s best working environment for a new mom.

I have had a great week, I got started on my first grown up lawyer case, got paid for one of the cases I worked on last year, found a place to live for the next year or so, and begun packing the house. Marlena is preparing to finish school, Lee is getting more and more emeshed in his growing role at Vonage, and Oliver is getting used to being at the office with me.

Here is a picture of my first client: the Mississippi Gopher Frog.

Look closely at this sweet creature, because at the time it was designated as Endangered by the Fish and Wildlife Service over 5 years ago, there were only 100 adult frogs left and a commercial site was being constructed less than 700 feet away from their sole remaining breeding site. Sigh.

In other news, we have decided on the new home Lee and I are sharing with Devon for the remainder of the time we are here in the “Garden State”. That is assuming that we actually sign the lease and agree to all the terms, but that is pretty much a forgone conclusion. We have been negotiating with the landlord for a week or so now, and are still haggling over a few things, but are ready to accept the house. It is a lovely home, with spanish tile floors, a granit kitchen with a huge island in the center, and bathrooms in each bedroom. We love it. It is in Freehold, near Ellen, just a few blocks from downtown.

I will take pictures and add them to the blog when we are moved in. I am glad to be finished looking for homes, so I can get back to packing. (Okay, I am not glad to get back to packing, but I am glad to be done with finding a home.)

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  1. Congratulations on the new house. It sounds wonderful and you’ll enjoy being closer to the Colorado gang!

  2. Congrats on the job! Is this the same office as last time or is this somewhere new?

    Good luck on the frog! Poor thing.

  3. Yeah, you got the house!!! Yeah for me, she has AC! (repeat and do the happy dance) Yeah for me, she has AC! 🙂

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