For my daughter so loveth TV…

That she is currently watching Kenneth Braunagh’s Hamlet. Yes, and not just because it is what I had on. I asked her if she wanted me to change it, and she said no. She is eating her ham and watching a decent presentation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Hmmm… maybe there is an actress within her yet.

This has been a hard week. The first three months of babyhood are always hard, but this week I got a major dose of pain. I had the baby screaming inconsolably through doctor’s appointments and phone calls with the insurance company experience, the baby won’t settle while trying to study experience, the everything in the world is waking the baby up experience, etc. I am so tired I can hardly stand it.

However, this morning, I got to snuggle Marlena for about half an hour while Lee played with Oliver. Marlena actually held still and cuddled for half an hour, she is usually far to wiggly to make it so long. It was a really nice way to start the day.

We are still house hunting. I am getting nervous as we have to give 30 days notice, and we need to have a new house by the 11th of June. Ugh!!

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  1. You’ll find something and hopefully it will be close to me! If you need help let me know. I am pretty open next week.

  2. OR you could find something close to me!!!! I am pretty open next week TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just kidding….. wish I could help you with the kiddos.. I sure miss you guys

    The good news though is that I am doing coffee on Sunday with Adri and Trav……..

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