If you see an albatross…


I swear, New Jersey does not let it’s people go!!! This has been an absolutely wretched trip thus far!!

We left New Jersey yesterday at about two o’clock after spending the day madly packing, cleaning, and sweating. We made it about two hours out of Freehold when Lee’s car started making a really bad noise and lost all power. We stopped at a rest stop and decided to call the dealership. They asked us to bring it into a location about twenty minutes away. The car began to smoke on the way to the dealer. Billowing clouds of white smoke every time he started off a light, went up a hill, or turned a corner.

Turns out he blew the turbo, hopefully won’t have hurt the engine. So we are ensconced in a Motel six in Limerick PA, with two kids, three cats, and two dogs for a couple of days while we wait for repairs.

The Good news:

This didn’t happen in Amish country miles away from the nearest (non-buggy) tow-truck.

Due to our delay, I had time to replace my bald tires (I had no idea they were bald) with safe tires.

The warrantee covered the repairs.

The town we are stuck in is named Limerick.

(In Limerick they sat and ate snacks,

while their Subaru sat up on jacks,

they’d lost several days,

in mind numbing ways,

while awaiting their chance to make tracks!!)

The Bad News:

Well…. I don’t need to repeat it all do I?

Anyway…. anyone out there want to take me for drinks when I get home? I would like to forget this experience as quickly as possible.

11 thoughts on “If you see an albatross…”

  1. Oh good grief ~ I’ll buy you a drink for this drama for sure! You have to promise to drink one for me, too, so I can live vicariously through you 🙂

    Hope the rest of your journey is a little less painful!

  2. Hey, you made it out of the state… just not very far away from it.

    Hopefully you’ll be back on the road again soon with no more mishaps.

  3. Well, if I am still in town when you FINALLY get here, I am on board for drinks! I have built in babysitters to take advantage of!

  4. It is a moral imperative that something happens to your car when you are moving cross country. It happened to me when I tried to move to NY 13 years ago and I’m still scarred. It’s something of a test of wills: do you really, really want this?? And the only way to prove it is to confirm your willingness to sit in a crappy motel with 2 young kids and some dogs.

  5. jesus mary and joseph…what a nightmare. i hope the repair is swift and i hope i don’t see you on the national news”woman goes beserk in motel in pa”…and a motel six to boot…
    i checked your blog expecting to see something like” the ride is tedious with the entourage,but we are enjoying the scenery”…instead , this … i would already be drinking, to hell with waiting until you get to denver.

  6. Eric and I have a fab recipe for mojitos. Just call us when you’re here!

    And…um…driving another 20 minutes seemed like a poor idea on the part of the garage. I hope everything goes well and smoothly!

  7. I am sure we can do some drinks….maybe daily. I can’t wait to have you back in Denver. I am so exited to have out….and we live close!

  8. Misty, I’m down for drinks. The whole trip from NJ will be worth it when you’re back in Denver!

    I’ll be moving to Portland at the end of July!

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