We made it!!

After buying some GPS systems and visiting the Daniel Boone Homestead, we high tailed it out of PA yesterday, and drove lazily through to St. Clair Ohio where we rested in a Red Roof Inn high on a hill overlooking a tiny little rest stoppy town-like thing. We ate Denny’s and Monkey rode her scooter up and down the Inn’s sidewalk. We gazed at the wall of shimmering fireflies in the hill behind our room and snuggled the Otter a lot. All was well with the world, as we were finally out of the Motel 6 in PA.

This morning we hit the road a little before 11 and drove 530 miles into Troy Illinois, where we are staying at another Red Roof Inn, this one with pool and WiFi (Hence my hello!). We are a little more than halfway home.

The dogs are sleeping most of the time (yay for Dramamine) and the kids have been very well behaved with their movies and snacking. Otter isn’t a huge fan of the car seat anymore, and he has begun to cry real tears in the hopes of getting out of it, but I tell him there is very little we can do. Luckily he really likes classical music, so I can calm him relatively easily.

The cats have begun to fight over a tiny little balcony spot in their habitat. Everytime I check on them they are squeezed on top of each other mewing piteously. They are making me quite mad. Luckily I can drown the mews out with my ipod (it’s either that or listen to audio from Barbie’s Repunzel twelve times a day.)

Thank you all for the lovely comments on the last post. I was about half a step from complete madness when his car started smoking, so I am glad to be back on the side of sanity. I still haven’t begun drinking, but I will take you all up on your offers and just spend my first week home on a bender.

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