Home at last

We are safely ensconced in my parents house.

I never want to ride in a car again.

We drove over 1600 miles, 200 initially, and 1400 in the three days following Lee’s car repairs. In my car I had the kids and three very testy and vocal cats. It turns out cats don’t like to be shoved into a kennel (regardless of the care with which you prepare it) with other cats and then driven across the country in the trunk of a Toyota Matrix. Lee carried the dogs, our luggage, and the trailer. He also dealt with odd noises and a nigh-constant fear of another breakdown. (Turns out Subaru’s aren’t able to do what their specifications say they can do.)

I had fun seeing new parts of the country. I drove through a really cool wind energy farm, and shot some pics I will put up eventually. We saw lots of ranches and farms, and a great number of little oil wells too.

Monkey played travel Bingo and subsisted entirely on candy and chicken nuggets. Otter played with his toy cars, keys, and books, and then resorted to playing with his feet. He was really not happy with the prolonged stay in the carseat. He kept telling me that it was a violation of the torture code in the Baby Geneva Convention, but I told him it was an unavoidable evil. When the kids came close to losing it I popped in a DVD. ( I never want to hear Aladdin again.) However, it has to be said that my kids were troopers. They were amazingly calm and dealt very well with a ridiculously unpleasant situation. I had very little screaming and crying, and very little argument. I am a very lucky mama.

The next few weeks will find me busily moving into our place. However, I am going to try to get back into the habit of diligently posting my permanently numb butt off.

11 thoughts on “Home at last”

  1. Welcome back! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back… [I had to do it.]

    That is way too long to be in the car. LOL

  2. Talk about a small world…..I just linked to you from Hatchet’s blog. I’m sitting here reading and thinking that this sounds familiar and then in dawns on my that you are my sister (Barb L.)’s friend from college and I’ve heard a lot about you!! I’m also an API leader (and friends with Amy and Julie) so I’ve been reading your posts at API speaks as well. Small world!

    I assume I’ll meet you at the wedding. And Barb says hi ๐Ÿ™‚ (I was forced to call her at an hour in which only people with small kids are awake to confirm that this is you…)

  3. I forgot to sign my post, which would have made a lot more sense ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m Nicole!

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