6 thoughts on “Sexism in today’s Media”

  1. Piss me off? Yeah. I’m quite livid right now. What a bunch of fucking assholes (pardon my French!). I don’t even know what to say.

  2. I love MSNBC, I really do. A progressive Scylla opposite Faux News’s Charybdis. However, every time I see Pat Buchanon’s mug on the tele I cringe and Tweety ain’t much better. More Keith O and Rachel Maddow please.

  3. I do love Keith Oberman. That man won me over when he became one of the first talking heads to actually report reality, instead of the party line.

    I agree with you. More Kieth O please.

  4. It’s infuriating enough to see it in sitcoms and commercials, but on the news too?

    Yes, I like Keith O too.

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