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Sexism in today’s Media

If this doesn’t piss you off or convince you that sexism is still rampant in America, than you are part of the problem.

Voices for Hillary…

I believe in Hillary Clinton.
I believe in her as a lawyer, a citizen, a mother, a democrat, a liberal, and as a woman.
Women in this culture have been in the background, standing behind and beside the great men of our nation…forever.
It is time for that to change. It is time for a woman to stand and be counted among the great leaders of this great nation, not as a wife or mother of a leader, but as a leader.
It is time for this woman.
Hillary Clinton is my candidate. She is the best candidate for this presidency. She has the most experience, the best chance of working with the status quo to implement changes, the best thought out plans and ideas for fixing the problems facing this nation.
She is also a woman.
I am proud to say that this time, in this election, I want to vote for this woman.
She speaks with my voice,
she understands my challenges,
she represents ME.
I am 32 years old.
I have never cast a ballot for a woman president.
This year that will change.
I will stand up for this. I will stand up for her.
I will make calls, I will donate money, I will blog, and comment, and debate.
I will be heard.
I will be heard because when I am,
I will vote for the candidate with my message,
my voice,
and it will be heard across the nation.

Please welcome my second guest blogger ever, Yvonne Montgomery Ewegen, with her thoughts on the matter.

The Gender Card


WOMEN VOTERS CAN DETERMINE THE OUTCOME OF 2008 ELECTION—there are more of us! If we want to elect the first woman president of the USA, we can. We can have a leader in the Oval Office who has a female point of view. Imagine that.
Yes, Hillary lost the Potomac Primaries last night. Momentum appears to be on Obama’s side. But, but—Obama is on a roll that involves relatively few voters. Most of his delegate total is the result of caucuses, which represent very few highly-committed supporters: not a cross-section.

Hillary won big-time in FL, though she didn’t campaign there. No one did, though some of Obama’s national ads were aired. She won Michigan, too. Thanks to the national committee of the Democratic Party, none of those votes count, so the huge bump Hillary should have had never materialized. Ya gotta be lucky as well as good in the political game. (The Republicans penalized the two states by taking away only half of their delegates.)

That’s been the litany for both women and African-Americans. I could see the excitement about Obama if he had the time in grade, the experience, and the more impressive résumé. What has Obama done to justify the excitement he evokes? He has a great speech, a rousing, emotional speech, but what else? Hillary has worked for 35 years, and has accomplished legislation that has improved the lives of American citizens. See She has worked with Republicans to get that legislation passed. With the Congressional Quarterly (a non-partisan publication) rating Obama as the most liberal member of the Senate, I have scant hope that he’ll work well with the conservative members of Congress. What will get done?

THE MOST DISHEARTENING THING is the young women I encounter who think sexism is dead, and who have apparently entered the “post-feminist” era I saw mentioned the other day next to a photo of a scantily-dressed woman with great legs. Say what? I take comfort in a young friend’s remark: “I’m for Hillary. I can vote for a man any time.”
Now’s your chance to support the woman.

–Yvonne Montgomery Ewegen

Come, speak up, be heard.


How PETA engages in the objectification of women to advance it’s pro-animal goals…

My professor sent me this link yesterday, PETA’s State of the Union (Un)dress. It was interesting to watch, but more interesting to think about the goals of that organization and how they apparrently differ from the goals of many women. The clip is a woman giving a speech about PETA’s goals, while undressing in front of an American Flag while clips of clapping congressmen are spliced in.

There were several points Jay and I emailed over, the most disturbing being that he had sent this link to many men he knows and they were unable to tell him what the woman said while she was stripping, nor did any of them watch anything in the video after the stripping. Even my husband was hard pressed to remember anything beyond a few sentences. So why have a naked woman deliver your message if the only thing men will remember from the experience is the naked woman?

How does this help the plight of animals? There is unlikely to be an increase of PETA members who are interested in assisting in changing the treatment of animals now that they have seen a naked woman talk about it, if none of the target audience can remember what in the heck she was talking about while she removed her business suit.

Further, this message is another in a long line of advertisements that supports objectifying women. WHO CARES if it’s for a good cause?? Should we smile and nod and say, okay, you can use women’s bodies to sell sex if the profits of said sales are going to “Save the Children” or NARAL?

The very fact that the men who watched this video said they never paid attention to the actual message indicates how poorly physical objectification helps causes. The only thing PETA has managed to do with this message is put another naked female body on the internet.

It would be nice if they could find another way to get our attention.

Another soapbox moment…

It’s time for another foray into the sphere of politics….


Do not fly Delta Airlines or Freedom Airlines

A woman flying out of Vermont on Freedom Airlines (part of a Delta flight) was kicked off a plane for breastfeeding her 22 month old child, discreetly, in the window seat, with her husband and child in the two seats between her and the aisle. She was not exposing her breast. An airline attendant saw her breastfeeding, offered her a blanket, and when she refused, had a ticket attendant remove her and her family from the flight.
This occurred when Vermont has a law permitting breastfeeding in public. In fact, most, if not all states, have laws permitting women to breastfeed anywhere they have a right to be.

In a culture where we have built an empire around the female breast, why are we afraid of it’s natural functions? We can view naked women with their hands over their breasts, in the grocery stores checkout lines, but we can’t support feeding babies in public? We have female nudity in almost every film above PG-13, we can see it on primetime television, but we freak out if a baby is eating his or her lunch. Come on people!! Grow the hell up! An ungodly number of buildings and statutes are penile in nature, phallic symbols abound in this country. Entire livelihoods are earned by exposing the breast, photographing or filming it. Women are encouraged to wear as little clothing as possible, all the time. Sex is everywhere!! Why in the name of everything innocent and pure is it shocking to feed an infant?

Support breastfeeding. Write letters to Delta, tell them you will not give them your money if they continue to eject breastfeeding moms from their planes. She had a legal right to feed her baby on the plane, she was allowed by law to do so. The federal government supports breastfeeding, they have allocated millions to educate women and men as to the health benefits of doing so. However, in order to achieve these health benefits, women have to be able to feed their children! Babies do not only get hungry in the privacy of their own home.


Next political rant….

Plan B was recently approved by the FDA for over the counter sale to women over the age of 18. It took three years of political battle to get this to happen. Now, of course, many pharmaceutical chains are refusing to stock this contraceptive. Tell them that you will not support them, if they will not support women.

You can send a letter from the NARAL website . I suggest you alter the message to better reflect your beliefs. Here is my letter:

“The FDA has approved the emergency contraceptive Plan B, for over the counter sales to women over the age of 18. I am dismayed to hear there are few pharmacy with plans to stock this medication.

I am a lawyer, a blogger, a member of multiple organizations with thousands of members. These members are bloggers, and members of other organizations. We talk. We tell each other when pharmacies and companies support women, and when they don’t. Most importantly, we shop accordingly. You want our money? You have to consider our interests.

I will not spend a single dime at pharmacies that choose to deny Plan B and Birth Control to women. I will tell others not to spend their money at these pharmacies. We will take our money elsewhere.”

We have to support each other if we are going to affect change. Use your voices, use your computers, use you wallet. Tell people you will only support people who support you.

Oddly, Walmart is the only chain so far who will stock the drug. It is one of the first things they have done that I can support. Tell Wal-Mart you approve of this action, even if they have committed other actions you do not approve of. (I am still not likely to shop there, but they are trying to change, and I would like to see them continue.)

Thank you for allowing some political posturing. Back to babies announcements tonight. We find out what kind of baby we are having this afternoon. Other than a brilliant, healthy, wonderful one of course, we already know that.


A brief update, then a political message…

The new cat, named Hazel for supernatural reasons, is adjusting well to us. So well in fact, that it seems more each day as though she chose us. She is already snuggling with us, hissing at the dogs, and playing with the other cats. She is thrilled with the copious amounts of food. She is in great health, though she will have to have most, if not all, her teeth extracted due to poor nutrition. (Poor thing).

Monkey has been ill that last two days, so we have been home, with me trying to work while she rests. It is interesting. In an attempt to stave off boredom today, I created several tracer paper sentences for her to write, and told her a treat would come with each completed, and read to me, page. She is currently working on “A bug is snug in the rug”

Okay, update over!! On to Politics!

Take a moment and write something for choice….

The petition site has a petition to support pro-choice candidates. In addition to signing your name, you can also write your own message. Being an argumentative and mouthy individual, I did just that. I encourage you to do the same.

Here is the message I sent with my signature:

In our culture women are still predominantly left with a child’s care. Our culture does not saddle men with equal responsibility for sex. Men are encouraged to engage in sexual behavior, women are not. However, who are these men encouraged to have sex with? Our culture is not pro-homosexual, so these men are not encouraged to have sex with each other.

Men are encouraged to have sex with women, and then treated like heroes if they pay a modicum of child support and see their accidentally concieved children once a month.

Women are expected to change everything about their lives and raise these unexpected children, but instead of praise, they are condemned for having had children out of wedlock. They are disparaged for having had sex.

Women and men both choose to engage in sex, (except in cases of rape) yet women carry most, if not all, the responsiblities. Men group’s fight against parental responsibility in cases of accidental conception, and now, men’s groups are fighting against child support in cases of accidental conception.

Women bear most of the burden of accidental children. Are we now going to make them bear it against thier will?

How good of a mother do we create when we allow the father to run off without penalty, and force the mother to have a child and raise it without support?

How good of a family environment are we creating for the child?

What kind of future can this child expect to have?
Choice is the only decent, humane way.

And if you sign now…. you get a stickie!!
(Or more than one)

A what you say?

A stickie, to place on your own blog, website, whatever!!

A call to action

A response to Tracy’s call to action…

Pharmacists are refusing to fill valid medical prescriptions because of their own personal beliefs. I find this beyond reprehensible. Tracy asked us to sign a petition to congress. I did. Here is my letter:

“Denying access to medical care on the basis of personal morality is the lowest and most deadly form of both discrimination and judgement. It is not the job of pharmacists in this country to make moral decisions for their customers. It is not the job of pharmacists in this country to make medical decisions for thier consumers. It is their job to fill prescriptions written by doctors. If they can’t do this job, they should leave the profession. We do not allow doctors to deny access to medical care based on religious and moral belief systems. We do allow politicians to deny access to government based on religious and moral belief systems. The people in this nation still have rights to personal health and safety, and the women in this nation ARE PEOPLE. We vote, we contribute to the economy, and we have the same rights as men. If pharmacists refuse to fill birth control prescriptions because they believe sexual activities should only be engaged in for procreation, why are they filling prescriptions for Viagra? It is not a drug meant solely for procreation. Pharmacists should be ashamed of engaging in this blatant discrimination. Companies should be ashamed of allowing them to. Stop them. Stop this. I will personally stop shopping at any company who ever allows a pharmacist to deny a valid prescription based on personal moral opinion. Further, I will write others, and urge they do the same. I will ask people to picket the companies that support this thinking, and the representatives who protect it. Women are tired of being second class citizens. We are a power, we have a voice, and we will find a way to be heard. Help us.”

So, Let’s do it!! Sign the petition! Add your own comments. And then, let’s research the companies that are supporting this and boycott them. Let’s write others and urge them to do so as well. Let’s get on the forefront of the battle this time. I am tired of waiting for congress to act and watching while the religious right strip more rights from our people. Women are not just baby making machines. We are people. We deserve access to medical care.

Link to the petition now!!

Send this petition to your friends, comment on other blogs that fight against this. Write to your newspapers!! Call the T.V. and radio stations. Let’s find a way to raise money and put up creative advertisements of our own!!!

I am tired of sitting still and waiting for them to take it all away.

A response from Forbes… Snakes on a plane… and life in general.

Well, after posting the rant about that unpalatable “Don’t marry career women” article here I sent a letter to the editor. I got a response from Forbes today:

“I want to acknowledge your communication with us on the article “Don’t Marry Career Women.” Sensitive issues demand sensitive treatment. The piece that appeared on this past week was intended to be part academic and part humorous. Instead, it profoundly offended hard-working career women everywhere. We deeply regret having done so.
Steve Forbes
President and Editor-in-Chief”

While I am pleased with an apology instead of some sermon on the importance of presenting all sides in a debate, I was left with only one thing to say… well DUH!! Did any of the Forbes editors READ the article before it was published to determine if it was sensitively handling a sensitive issue? If they did read it, how on earth did they figure it wouldn’t profoundly offend hard-working career women everywhere? Where did they see value in the article at all? It was hardly a humorous and academic posting, it was a rant blaming a rise in divorce on working women. It is hard to accept an apology from these people when a simple read of the article would indicate it’s risk of offending hard-working career women everywhere. I am unwilling to adopt a cavalier boys will be boys attitude here. Any magazine which thinks this article is a humorous and academic look at the workplace and relationships in 2006 is a magazine that profoundly deserves a boycott by hard-working women everywhere, regardless of their career status. This article would have fit well into the culture of the 1950’s, which simply illustrates how behind the times Forbes really is.

Okay, rant over. Last night we went on saw Snakes on a Plane. While taking the bar, we had intended to go see it as a mid exam stress releiver but were prevented from doing so when we learned it wasn’t out yet. So Lee and I saw it last night. It was pretty funny, although there were many gratuitous and unnecessary scenes in it. I determined after leaving that movies such as Snakes on a Plane are created for the simple purpose of allowing new actors interesting roles to place on their resumes. For example: Man whose penis was bit by snake, Woman whose tongue was bit by snake, Man whose head was swallowed by snake, Woman whose breast was bit by snake. Interestingly, Snakes did provide a new and varied manner of filming I like to call Snake-O-Vision, a rather distorted green lit view of the soon to be bitten passengers that provided many giggles for Lee and I. All in all, it was a pretty fun movie, not very scary, but then I like snakes.

We are getting ready for Monkey’s school, which starts the 6th of September, we got her a laptop lunch box and a new backpack that we are decorating so it will be “the fanciest backpack anyone ever saw.” (Her requirement for a backpack). We found hers at Macy’s on sale, which was unexpected to say the least. Monkey is signed up to take the bus to school, but right now wants me to drive her. She is a little scared of busing to school. So we will see if and when she wants to take the bus.
We had our first well baby visit yesterday. Monkey, Lee and I all went. We are about 8 weeks along, and doing just fine. We got a lovely sonogram photo of the baby, which rather resembles a blob in a dark cave. However, we all decided it was a cute blob. We actually saw a better image on the sonogram than what got printed. We also saw the baby’s heartbeat, which was pretty cool. Monkey was very excited to see the baby, and I loved holding hands with my first baby while peeking at my second. It was a fairly magical moment.

Well, I am getting a message from said second baby, informing me to type less and eat more. We miss you all!