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It ain’t no job in Washington…

but that’s probably why it shouldn’t be considered all that shameful anymore.

Marlena and I were talking about sex workers, fetishes, and the wide world of making your living selling photos of your feet online. After everything that happened in Atlanta last week it seemed a good time to talk about it.

think of the children
safe in their beds
visions of blood baths
stuck in their heads.
of all the “normals”
from which to choose
you’d think mass murder
is one we’d refuse.

— mmorehead 2021

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Voices for Hillary…

I believe in Hillary Clinton.
I believe in her as a lawyer, a citizen, a mother, a democrat, a liberal, and as a woman.
Women in this culture have been in the background, standing behind and beside the great men of our nation…forever.
It is time for that to change. It is time for a woman to stand and be counted among the great leaders of this great nation, not as a wife or mother of a leader, but as a leader.
It is time for this woman.
Hillary Clinton is my candidate. She is the best candidate for this presidency. She has the most experience, the best chance of working with the status quo to implement changes, the best thought out plans and ideas for fixing the problems facing this nation.
She is also a woman.
I am proud to say that this time, in this election, I want to vote for this woman.
She speaks with my voice,
she understands my challenges,
she represents ME.
I am 32 years old.
I have never cast a ballot for a woman president.
This year that will change.
I will stand up for this. I will stand up for her.
I will make calls, I will donate money, I will blog, and comment, and debate.
I will be heard.
I will be heard because when I am,
I will vote for the candidate with my message,
my voice,
and it will be heard across the nation.

Please welcome my second guest blogger ever, Yvonne Montgomery Ewegen, with her thoughts on the matter.

The Gender Card


WOMEN VOTERS CAN DETERMINE THE OUTCOME OF 2008 ELECTION—there are more of us! If we want to elect the first woman president of the USA, we can. We can have a leader in the Oval Office who has a female point of view. Imagine that.
Yes, Hillary lost the Potomac Primaries last night. Momentum appears to be on Obama’s side. But, but—Obama is on a roll that involves relatively few voters. Most of his delegate total is the result of caucuses, which represent very few highly-committed supporters: not a cross-section.

Hillary won big-time in FL, though she didn’t campaign there. No one did, though some of Obama’s national ads were aired. She won Michigan, too. Thanks to the national committee of the Democratic Party, none of those votes count, so the huge bump Hillary should have had never materialized. Ya gotta be lucky as well as good in the political game. (The Republicans penalized the two states by taking away only half of their delegates.)

That’s been the litany for both women and African-Americans. I could see the excitement about Obama if he had the time in grade, the experience, and the more impressive résumé. What has Obama done to justify the excitement he evokes? He has a great speech, a rousing, emotional speech, but what else? Hillary has worked for 35 years, and has accomplished legislation that has improved the lives of American citizens. See She has worked with Republicans to get that legislation passed. With the Congressional Quarterly (a non-partisan publication) rating Obama as the most liberal member of the Senate, I have scant hope that he’ll work well with the conservative members of Congress. What will get done?

THE MOST DISHEARTENING THING is the young women I encounter who think sexism is dead, and who have apparently entered the “post-feminist” era I saw mentioned the other day next to a photo of a scantily-dressed woman with great legs. Say what? I take comfort in a young friend’s remark: “I’m for Hillary. I can vote for a man any time.”
Now’s your chance to support the woman.

–Yvonne Montgomery Ewegen

Come, speak up, be heard.