A comedian in the making…

Monkey has always worked hard to win a laugh. Sadly, she has been summarily unsuccessful with intentional humor. She has reduced us to giggles accidentally on a regular basis, but she hasn’t been able to turn her comedic yearnings into any laughter through jokes.

She cracked us up in the car on the way back from Virginia Beach when I indicated to Lee that it was time to nurse the baby by saying “My boobs feel like they are going to explode.”
Monkey giggled and tried to sympathize with me by saying “I know mommy, I feel like my butt is going to explode.”
The unexpected nature of the comment mingled with the inevitable bathroom humor had Lee and I laughing for quite a while. Monkey was pleased with the unintended result, but kept trying to re-create it. “My elbow is going to explode”, “my shoulder is going to explode”, “my foot is going to explode.” We tried to explain what had made her comment so funny, but she didn’t quite get it.

Which is why I am pleased to announce that Marlena has successfully produced her first funny original joke.

She is battling asthma, and when an episode comes on, it usually begins with a great deal of coughing. She is often hit with coughing fits before bedtime, as she usually gets an episode late in the evening.

The other night I was waiting to tuck her in while she fought her way through a particularly long coughing fit. When it was over she sat up, looked at me, made a weird face, and pretended to pull something out of her mouth.

“Ick. Furball.” She said, holding out the pretend hair ball.

I lost it. It was the funniest thing she had every said, and it was intentional. She gleefully and skillfully seized her opportunity to create a well timed joke. I am so proud of her. It took a lot of thought to create a funny moment out of an asthma episode.

My little girl is beginning to develop comedic timing, and an understanding of humor. It is another sign that she is growing up.

A sleeping solution…

Thank you all for your support, commiseration, and advice! I think I may have hit upon a solution to my nighttime nursing sleeplessness.

Ellen sent me an article about co-sleeping that turned out to be very helpful, though not because of the advice in offered in ending night nursing.

The doctor in the article reinforced my belief that co-sleeping and night nursing is good. He also used a phrase that inspired me; “I love the family bed, child-led weaning and cuddling all through the first, second, third year or more if it’s working well and if the family is doing well.”

It was the word cuddling. Every night, Otter has been trying to get closer and closer to me, and I have been pushing him back to the middle of the bed so I can get some sleep.

Last night, I tried cuddling. When I came into bed, Otter woke up and began to protest as usual. Instead of nursing him and pushing him over, I simply snuggled him up to me and closed my eyes. He talked a little, wiggled a bit, and then fell asleep.

All night long, whenever he woke to nurse, I would nurse him, and then cuddle up to him to sleep.

We slept a lot. In fact, we slept an hour later than normal. Instead of being patted and petted and smacked and yanked on all night, I was cuddled around a soft fuzzy baby head, and sleeping. He was warm and cozy, and apparently contented with the new arrangement.

I feel great! Not only did I get to sleep last night, but it was painless, and snuggly, and fun. The article helped me remember that I love co-sleeping because it’s warm and cuddly, not because it’s the best sleep of my life. I had forgotten to snuggle the baby. I hope my pro active approach to nighttime snuggles will continue to sooth the wakeful baby, and increase the amount of time I get to sleep.

The best snack since Mum mums…

I went to Costco yesterday and stumbled across these fantastic all natural fruit crisps.

I thought I would give them a try, primarily because they are 100% fruit, and nothing else. These snacks don’t have anything added to them, they are just freeze-dried fruit, so I know I can feed them to my family without adding to their sugar intake.

Otter loves them. They have the crispiness and consistency of his Mum Mums, but they have a rich flavor, so he gobbles them up. He can hold them all by himself, and loves to chomp away on them. Yesterday he ate the freeze-dried equivalent of three apples and one pear. (It was the first day of the crisp experiment, I think I will limit his intake a bit more today.)

Monkey loves them, and they are a great crunchy alternative to chips. They also fit into the car, or the diaper bag, or a backpack as an emergency snack, since they require no refrigeration.

Lee and I even love them, and find them a healthy alternative to our junkie snack foods. Mmmm… hopefully they will help me get the last of the baby weight off by satisfying my sweet tooth!

Anyway, El Bebe is asking for more freeze-dried apple crisp, so I should go. Have a good Tuesday!