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New locks…

There’s a new Hair-do in town…

This time courtesy of a an excellent Italian hair-stylist from Brazil, Adalberto. He was charming, he was helpful, and he was wonderful! I went in seeking the common post baby short cut and left with a long bob “still capable of a pony-tail.”

Adalberto, Al as he is known by his clients, was insistent that I would regret cutting my hair too short for a pony-tail. “I have two children” he said, “trust me, there are times when you really need to be able to have a pony-tail.”

Who am I to argue with the voice of superior knowledge?

Anyway, I am very happy with the cut, and will be returning to Adalberto’s for the duration of my east coast stay.

Oh… and Luke sent me this link, it is really, really, really, cool. I urge you to view it. 500 years of female portraits in Western Art.

This is an amazing video, I suggest watching it. Whoever did this worked very hard!

A gift

It’s amazing how the perfect “Thank you” gift can make all the difference!
Here I was complaining about the added stress of keeping Fitz for Devon while Lee was away and I have to say, he more than made up for it with the coolest thank you gift EVER!!

Well, the coolest thank you gift for me anyway. It is a coffee mug, printed with The Bill of Rights. BUT WAIT, my story gets better! The sections being eviscerated by The Patriot Act disappear when you put coffee in the mug!!

Yes, now I can actually watch my personal rights evaporate over my morning wake up beverage! It’s so cool! (Well, not the fact that the Patriot Act is eroding my personal rights and freedoms, but the fact that my coffee cup can show me where and how!)

Thanks Devon!

Stamping it up…

The power of stamps…

I went to a Stamp It! party with some friends this weekend and oh the possibilities!! I want to hand design my own cards, wrapping paper, scrapbook pages, whatever!

Amy threw the party, and we made little chocolate labels and treat bags, which is a wonderful ides for party favors and one I wish I had thought of for my Denver Baby Shower, I may see if I can borrow her stamps and make some for the shower here! They were a lot of fun and very cute.

I ended up buying their watercolor pencils and a few stamp sets, mainly becuase I have been looking to replace my watercolor pencils forever and these were actually reasonable. They also have blending pens that give you alot more control than water and paintbrushes.

I was impressed with all their goodies though, they even have a watermark stamp, that works on every color of paper. I am investigating having a stamp made with my business logo and using the watermark to authenticate paperwork.

It is rare when my Law School OCD and my personal creative inner beast get to play together!!