We are having a baby!!

Well…. I was going to wait to announce the incoming cuteness until after my first doctor’s appointment but I mentioned it in my last blog post, because my brain is tired, and so I had better announce it now!!

Lee and I are having a baby. Monkey is going to be a big sister. We are about a month along, and so far it is not too bad. I am a little tired most days, I have days when I do not want to leave my bed, but there is no exorcist vomiting as of yet! Yay!

We will be seeing the doctor some time next week, I need to set up an appointment and do whatever it is I need to do to choose a doctor, etc.

In response to Kathleen and Tracy, I would love a party! We will have to see when we can have it, but I am guessing over Christmas/Yule/Chanukah/Holiday break. We should be able to be back for a long bit around then, at least the small one and I.

On an unrelated topic, Judge Harrell sent me this link, and it was pretty neat!

Secret Worlds, the Universe Within.

Love you all, miss you all,

Your pregnant Denver Girl, signing out.

6 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. Party it is then. We shall have to hold off on the metabolic poisons until later, but HOORAY all the same.

    Ahem. We appear to be a bit behind on the New Jersey News. I do believe I signed up for the daily edition.


  2. I try and take the weekends off! And I refuse to post when nothing of interest occurs. But I will refund you any play money paid for days when posts aren’t recieved.

  3. You inspired me to write today after all, well, you and a billion tiny, buzzing, crawling, icky things.

    Miss you!! Maybe we can have a D&D game when I am in town next?

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