Swearing in…

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

For all those following the long, hard, and relatively tedious process of becoming an attorney, I have finished the final piece, and now, may sue and be sued.

I was sworn in at the Boettcher concert hall with many of my peers on the 23rd of October, 2006. My parents and Monkey were in attendance, though Lee had to stay in NJ to keep the homefires burning.

I doubt there can be a ceremony that truly makes one feel as though the three years of insane study, hundreds of thousands of dollars, months of exam preparation, and months of tense waiting were actually worthwhile. I really only remember the part when the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, Mary Mullarky, asked us to repeat after her. However, aspects of the day certainly improved the occasion, and made it memorable.

Nick, my stalwart study partner through the months of hell that were the bar exam, and I stood together during the ceremony. This allowed for his hug to be the first to usher me into the practice of law. Fitting as there would have been far more insanity, and quite possibly less success, if I had not been blessed with him as a study partner.

I got to share a moment with Mark, who helped keep me and Nick on the ball night after night, week after week, while we began to lose the urge to cram in “JUST ONE MORE RULE!!” Thanks for being there!! We did it!

Friends and loved ones came to swear and be sworn, to affirm and reaffirm, and to show more love and support for their newly minted lawyer friends. Eric and Caitlin, Ben and Sanjin, Scott and Sierra, Dara and many more came to share the day with me.

I got a few moments with Paul as well, whom I sat with in most of our law classes, and will miss terribly now that it is all over and I am miles away. Paul, our promises of monthly lunches downtown will have to be postponed until I can get the family back to your neck of the country.

Monkey was so proud she almost cried, but luckily Caitlin was there to keep her entertained, and extra cute.

I got a brief chance to do a victory dance with Jen as well. We shared a room during the exam, and gorged on crab cheese wontons and fried rice at Chan’s after each day. Jen!! We did it!! We have a date, after the baby is born, to be in a dark bar until we are on the verge of alcohol poisoning!!! (I still maintain that crabcheese wontons are brain food of the highest order.)

It is over! I am an attorney!! I wish I could say I don’t have to do any of this again, but I moved out of Colorado just days after the bar!! Therefore, in February, I take the bar in New Jersey. Sigh. I guess for now, I will sit on my laurels for a few weeks, and bask in the glow of possible litigation.

2 thoughts on “Swearing in…”

  1. Hooray!

    Nice pic of the girls! I think I need a copy!

    Again I’m sad that I couldn’t be there and Eric is sniffly that he isn’t in any pics with you. Sadness all around that you are still in Jersey.

    Congrats, Warrior Woman!

  2. Thank you!! I was sniffly as well, mom got one of him affirming his oath, and one of us in the concert hall, but they were way fuzzy. My dad took one of us during the oath, but unfortunately, it too was out of focus.

    However, I am glad he was there, and I still totally understand why you weren’t!!

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