Introducing baby!!

Introducing, the one, the only, Oliver Robert Krebs!!

Okay, so when we decided on the name I had a laughing fit because I realized we could nickname him Ollie Bob. (As in Alibaba and the forty theives.) It appears that fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree in my family. My father, after hearing the chosen name, began to laugh over Ollie Boba and the forty dirty diapers. So, the baby, less than 24 hours after being named, already has a funny nickname.

Here he is, a side shot, head to the left, belly to the right.

Here is his foot. It looks like a little peanut. His little toes are to the left, his heel to the right.

Another fuzzier side shot.

There is also another shot that supposedly shows his genetalia, however, I am at a loss for words to try and explain it. There is a long white line near the left bottom of the photo that is a leg. The scrotal sack is above the beginning of that leg. (Best I can do.)

2 thoughts on “Introducing baby!!”

  1. Me too!! It is very funny.

    Everyone has to have a naked baby picture, just usually, they are already outside the womb!!

    Enjoy Canada!

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