It’s a boy!!

It’s a boy!! Oliver Robert Krebs! (Code name: ORK)

Lee wanted only one l in Oliver, I wanted to name him after my dad, together, we have Oliver Robert. The fact that his initials are ORK will mark him well for a gaming nerd. (Given his genetic history, he is destined for D&D nerdom anyway.)

So there you have it, the newest member of the clan will be making his entrance on April Fool’s Day, unless he is overdue (He will be). We have five really great pictures of him, and Lee is having them scanned so we can post them here for you.

Love you all!!


3 thoughts on “It’s a boy!!”

  1. Congratulations! (Again) Boys are fun. Folks keep telling me they are easier than girls but that must kick in later.

    While you can’t say you have more p*nii than your husband like I was able to, you can match him one for one. At least for a few more months.


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