Singing mermaids…

Merry Christmas!!

Well, Santa came through folks! After me spending hours searching for the one thing Monkey had asked for, a singing Ariel Barbie, I got her an Ariel Barbie she could sing to, and hoped she would be happy with the substitution.

And she was!! Especially since her Uncle Jack and Aunt Letitia came through with the singing Ariel Barbie I had been unable to get! So Monkey got two Ariel dolls, and is thrilled with both.

She also got a lovely Barbie Mermaid from Aunt Sandi and Uncle Gary, a super fort structure currently shaped into a boat, racing cones, a bat and baseball, tennis set, two gorgeous dresses, etc.

She is a happy kid.

She, in her new pink and black poofy gown from Nama and Da, is currently braving the waves in her new ship with her mermaid friends.

Thank you all for helping make it possible!!

We love you!!

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