Thank you

From an unexpected source…

First of all, thanks to all who commented on my last post, I appreciate having a village of women who will rally ’round and support me in my final months of grazing and lowing. I could not do it without you ladies.

As evidenced by my last post, I have been feeling like a large beached mammal more than a lovely woman, so I was pleasantly surprised to be given a self esteem pick me up from an unexpected source today.

I was in the checkout line of the Whole Foods today buying milk. I was dressed in my usual late trimester uniform, ponytail, no make-up, yoga pants and front tie shirt. The woman behind me leaned over and asked when I was due. I told her the first of April and expected to get the normal sympathetic look or questions about whether or not it’s my first child, the usual checkout line chatter. Instead she told me that she thought I was just lovely, and looked so comfortable and proud of being pregnant. She then handed me her card, informing me she was a photographer specializing in pregnancy and families, and asked if I would model for her.

I was stunned, here I was at my most schlubby, feeling like a giant beached mammal, and this wonderful woman was asking me to model for her. I told her that the black hid a lot, which was part of it’s beauty, she laughed, told me to take her card and think about it. I muttered something about thinking about it, thanked her, and wandered into the parking lot.

Needless to say I checked her out online, and called her immediately thereafter to say yes. She wants me to bring my yoga clothes, wear whatever make up I normally wear, and be comfortable. Not only does she want me to model, but she actually wants ME to model for her, not me covered in piles of correcting fluid.

It was really nice to get a compliment of this nature from a stranger. I get told I am lovely by Lee and my family and friends, but let’s face it, if I actually was a beached mammal you would all tell me how lovely I was in order to make me feel better, so the stranger compliment is more successful at perking up my self image.

Anyway, I am off Wednesday of next week to capture me in all my pregnant glory. I am excited to see how she sees me when the photos are finished.

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