A photo opportunity…

What does one do with small children to pass the time when it’s twenty minutes till bedtime and you haven’t slept in 6 weeks?

Take silly pictures of course!! (Note the funny look on Otter’s face.)

Here is Otter loving his sister. He is just fascinated by her. Every time she is around his eyes get wide, and he makes an ‘O’ shape with his mouth. She can calm him down, make him smile, keep him happy while I use the bathroom. It’s amazing.

She is justifiably proud of her abilities in the baby calming/entertaining arena. Here she is assisting Otter in the use of his alternative sucking device, known in our family as the “Bupper”.

Aren’t they cute together?

Here we three are being silly again. The photo shoot was a happy way to end the weekend. (Otter looks a wee perturbed in this shot. Maybe he is contemplating the Bush administration.)

3 thoughts on “A photo opportunity…”

  1. Alternative sucking device? Does that mean you get to be offline for more than 10 minutes?!

    I don’t believe it!

    They are awful cute together and I’m still stunned at the miniature version of Lee. Man!

  2. You are all SO BEAUTIFUL!! Such a lovely sight to these tired, jaded eyes. (You KNOW how I spent my day–ssshhhh! Say nothing!
    Wish I were with you. It won’t be long, right?

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