Baby’s first play date…

Otter, Monkey, and I went to play with my friend Melissa and her sons, Alex and Ryan. Monkey and Alex were in the same kindergarten class before they moved to another boro, so they play very well together and disappeared immediately for parts unknown. Yay! My child was entertained and happy!

Melissa and I then hung out with the babies. Her son Ryan is three months old. Note in the pictures how Otter is the same size as Ryan, even though he is only 6 weeks old.

The babies had some “floor time” together. Ryan is rolling over now, and at one point he rolled over to Otter and began to suck on Otter’s hand. My little guy just looked at me quizically, then looked back at his wet and slobbery hand. They seemed to be interested in each other, and Otter was happy on the floor with Ryan for much longer than he is usually happy on the floor alone.

Tonight is Monkey’s art show at school, I will show pictures of her work next post.

One thought on “Baby’s first play date…”

  1. Yes, Oliver IS huge.

    One day, when he’s reached full size, you will have to see if he can get into the Guinness Book of World Records. I’m tellin’ ya, he could be a record breaker!

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