In the natural habitat

(The new mother, desperate to contact the outside world, may be observed engaging in communication activities that fall outside the realm of her normal behavior. Calling out to the male of the species more often than usual, reaching out to her parents, blogging twice or more in one day, all of these behaviors may be witnessed by the interested observer and are typically indicitive of new life in the den.)

Yes I already blogged once today, but I thought I would add some pictures and tell the world of Monkey’s success in feeding Otter via bottle. After his nap, he was placed on her lap and she popped the bottle right in his greedy little mouth. He smiled and took right to it. It was much easier than it was 2 weeks ago, every day of experience helps! Monkey was deeply proud of her acheivement, and Otter gobbled up about an ounce before demanding a real breast.

Monkey feeds the baby:

After I sat down with him she promptly seized the camera and began clicking away.
Mommy feeding Otter:

Then she demanded I snap a few pictures of she and I while he ate. No mean feat, but we got one good one anyway. (Note the bunched up area on my shirt, there is a hungrily eating baby under there.)
Monkey and Mommy:

We went to a school art show for Monkey last night. Here is her submitted piece, as promised, entitled “Monkey gives Nama a flower.”

And here she is proudly pointing out her artwork on the wall. The school placed each classroom’s art on a wall and the show consisted of a walk through the school to view the art. (There was a concert as well, but she wasn’t in it, and I was tired, so we didn’t stay.)

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  1. Tell Marlena that I LOVE her picture. I’ve got a lump the size of a bowling ball in my throat. She’s such a great artist, as well as being a superb big sister. The shot of her feeding Oliver is so beautiful. Sniff, sniff. I sure do miss you all. Love and hugs.

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