A day without screaming…

It’s true! She woke up this morning and was cheerful! She put on Legally Blonde and let us sleep until after 10 am. I haven’t done that is ages. She got her own breakfast of yogurt and cereal. Not a lot of food for a growing girl, but enough to tide her over until I woke up and got her a pile of fresh organic raspberries, watermelon, and bing cherries.

She was cheerful through Lee and I packing, through errand running, through leftovers (which she actually ate and requested I make every day) and through bathtime. She and I even splashed, played, and laughed while I washed her hair.
We sang the following to the tune of Macho Man during the hair rinsing:
Me: Monkey, monkey butt, my daughter has a monkey butt. Monkey, monkey butt, my Marlena has a monkey butt.
Marlena: Monkey, monkey butt, my mommy has a monkey butt. Monkey, monkey butt, my mommy has a monkey butt.
It may not be great lyrical styling, but boy does it make a 5 year old laugh. (Anything involving the word “butt” makes a 5 year old laugh, but the genius here is tying the word “butt” and the word “monkey” together. Irresistible.)

Of course, we haven’t done bedtime yet, but I have high hopes for this evening. I think she may even brush her teeth!

Random kiddo picture: (Note the goony expression on Oliver’s face. He obviously inherited my silly genes.)

Addendum: She went to bed without screaming!! It was a happy bedtime with story and song and tickles and snuggles and laughter!!

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