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Weighing in at 19 pounds and seven ounces we have 11 week old Oliver Krebs!!
Yup, my son, the 25 and 3/4 inch 19 pound infant. I am going to be so strong after carrying this little guy around all summer!

He is not a happy baby right now though, as he had his shots, two in each thigh. Poor little man, he turned bright red and yelled a lot. I always feel like a traitor when my babies get shots. He was so sad all evening too, kept crying like he was being burned anytime I tried to set him down. As a result, it was a snuggly night.

Marlena, after a “legally blonde” watching fit, has declared her intention to be a lawyer, and wanders around with a case file and pen writing “lawyer stuff.” It is pretty darn cute. At the doctor today she kept asking me to ask her lawyer questions.
She has been trying to get me to let her watch Law and Order, but Lee pointed out it was too graphic. (I was too flattered by the desire to follow in my footsteps to really think it over.)

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  1. OMG!!! He is ounces away from weighing more than Seth! Chloe only has one ounce on him! OMG! I believe you make some magic breast milk that is extra good and it causes babies to grow like wild fire! We’re going to have to keep your special breast milk a secret or everyone will want you to donate it to their small baby.

  2. Lol! You almost made me spit soy milk out of my nose!

    I think it is Oliver, not really the breastmilk. He is SuperBaby!!

  3. He is MONGO Baby!

    My goodness, woman. Caitlin wasn’t that size until somewhere aroudn 7 months!

    What are you going to do when he’s 14? Get a LOAN for the sheer amount of food you’re going to need? Bloody hell!

    BTW, was Marlena like this?

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