The moments that make it worthwhile…

Okay, so life is normally insanity, or drudgery, or both. My days stretch into weeks, with nothing to separate them, as I sweep, mop, cook, clean, change diapers, shop for groceries, and entertain children.

However, from time to time, moments stand out of my weeks and make it all worthwhile. Here are the moments I had this week:

Otter’s first real laugh. Two days ago I tickled under his arms while changing him and got a solid baby giggle. I repeated my actions two more time, each time receiving a smile and laugh. I could have tickled him all day, but I am sure if I did it would result in not getting a laugh, and would closely resemble torture.

Otter’s first stuffed animal was purchased today. Monkey and I chose a “classic” Eeyore and handed it to Otter in the store. He widened his eyes, wrapped it up in his arms, and squeezed. He has been squeezing it ever since.

Monkey, upon getting an Icee at Target, described the frozen treat as “Delectable, Delicious, and Delightful.” She informed me that was from “The Upside down show” therefore vindicating the hours I have let her fry her brain on T.V.

Chloe, my PTSD cat, who had never purred in the entire 5 years I have owned her, due to her traumatic past as an abused kitten, jumped on the bed for petting today, and purred at me for a good twenty minutes!!

All these things make the rest worth it, and I was blessed to have so many of them this week.

2 thoughts on “The moments that make it worthwhile…”

  1. And then there were the dogs….

    Oh and your girlfriend called and whined on the phone! Oh, wait, that’s probably not a highlight moment, is it?

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