What would Freud say?

Last night I had the following dream:
It was the day I planned to start Otter on Rice Cereal, his first solid food. However, we were out of Rice Cereal, so instead, I made him stone ground whole wheat spaghetti noodles in a butternut squash sauce.
I placed him in the high-chair and began to give him his food, one tiny, cut up noodle at a time. He tasted his first noodle, got very interested, then started grabbing huge handfuls of noodles and stuffing them into his mouth.
“No, Otter!” I exclaimed, while desperately trying to retrieve huge streams of noodles from his mouth, “One noodle at a time, this is the first time you have ever eaten real food! You might choke!”
As I frantically pulled noodles away from my boy, he kept grabbing them and shoving them in his mouth. Sauce went everywhere, noodles flew, and I kept trying to get back to one wee noodle at a time.
He looked as happy as a baby can be, trying out his new noodles, playing in them, with his little baby mouth shaped like a monkey, upper lip sticking out, noodles dripping down his chin.
When I woke up this morning, at the now usual ungodly hour, I just laughed.

One thought on “What would Freud say?”

  1. I think your subconscious is trying to tell you that he’s going to take to it like a duck to water.

    However, only reality will tell!

    Six days…six more days until Misty!

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