Pressure to do what’s best for you and your baby, too much for Andrea Peyser

The this article, Andrea Peyser, columnist for the New York Post, bashes doctors and nurses who support and encourage breast-feeding, likening it to a “Forced labor camp, where the uniform is half-nude.”
I see, so the medical staff in hospitals across the country are forcing women to work topless for unbelievable long hours in poor and dangerous conditions for little or no pay? Why that is just horrible! Where is this happening? We have to stop it!

Oh, wait, you just mean the medical staff is trying to help women do what is best for themselves, and for their babies? Shame, shame on them. Doctors these days should know that Americans don’t want what is best, we want what is popular, and bearing our breasts for anything other than sexual objectification simply won’t fly in this culture!

As to the benefits of breastfeeding, Peyser points out that a “Leading Manhattan shrink Dr. Shari Lusskin” has told her that “some of my colleagues believe the data is made up.” She then shakes her shame finger at the medical industry, implying that they are “forcing” women to breast-feed on paltry scientific proof.

Which is why I should jump on the anti-boob bandwagon when a journalist tells me that a shrink in Manhattan says some other shrinks in Manhattan think some of the facts on breastfeeding may be made up? (In legal land, the above sentence is double hearsay, otherwise known as evidence that would not be allowed into any court of law, under any exception, as proof of anything, due to it’s unreliability.) With scientific evidence like that to point to, how can we fail to switch back to the expensive, corporate sponsored, formula culture we used to live in?

The reason behind all this outrage? Manhattan hospitals are no longer allowing free formula in the take home packs sent with new moms. I say good for them. Despite Peyser’s convictions otherwise, breastfeeding is hugely beneficial, for both mom and child. (Breastfeeding facts)

Andrea Peyser, take it from a mom, breastfeeding can be wonderful. It helps you lose weight faster, allows you reasons to sit still and snuggle your baby for long periods of time throughout the day, and allows you to feed your child anywhere, anytime, at no cost. There is no forgetting your breast in the fridge. It provides a healthy meal for your baby whenever you need it. You don’t even have prepare it.
It’s true that it simply can’t be done by some women, for many reasons. I feel no need to cast shame upon women who don’t breastfeed. However, the fact that it is unpleasant or impossible for some women, doesn’t mean it is a bad idea for most women, and most babies. Breastfeeding should be encouraged and supported.

I think the problem with breastfeeding is that our culture has a problem with breastfeeding. Saggy boobs aren’t sexy to us, and using our bodies for their naturally intended purpose has become something to avoid, or supplement, instead of something to encourage. I applaud the decision to encourage breastfeeding. Manhattan hospitals get a standing ovation from me.

4 thoughts on “Pressure to do what’s best for you and your baby, too much for Andrea Peyser”

  1. In fact I kinda like the idea of formula requiring a prescription. Sure maybe a 2 year prescription once you get it after working with a lactation consultant at least once maybe or something like that but a prescription none the less.

  2. I still think we should get 1 year paid leave and support for breastfeeding during that year.

    But I’m crazy that way.

    Val, everyone still thinks you’re a champ for BFing twins for as long as you did. You rock! Now I need to see if I can do the same. Eek!

  3. They get a standing ovation from me too!! I tried hard to breastfeed but was unsuccessful… I just got about 3 weeks in each kid before I couldn’t do it anymore… I think it’s a shame that women who can, don’t. I definitely do not think breastfeeding should be discouraged! I think women like you are rock stars! 🙂

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