Why I won’t put my client on the stand.

Here it is, the mating call of the Mississippi Gopher Frog!

It’s been likened to a revving motorcycle or a jackhammer. It is not the sexiest sound I have ever heard, but then again, I am not a Mississippi Gopher Frog. I am sure this particular specimen sounds quite charming to all those lady frogs out there.

Colorado is fun, we went to Hatchet’s baby shower today and got to reconnect with many old friends. There were a crush of people there, and Otter was a little unhappy about all the noise. He is so different from his sister. She always loved a crowd, but my little man prefers a quite, dim, air-conditioned room with a soft place to sit and a boob nearby. He was pretty high maintenance during the party as a result, so I am tired now, and I have that “feel the burn” sensation in my arms from carrying my big fella around and helping him sit and stand.

I am relaxing a bit now, sipping high quality wine and trying to let the muscles in my neck, shoulders, and back un-knot.

Mom’s party is tomorrow, and Aunty Mop and I spent the day shopping for much needed party supplies, and two-ply toilet paper, because for some unknown and completely irrational reason my mother bought one-ply last time she went shopping. Shudder (I can’t abide one-ply toilet paper, it always makes me feel as though I am wiping with a shopping list, or a receipt, or many of the other desperate alternatives a woman may consider when stuck in a public restroom sans t.p.)

I am looking forward to the party, though it will mean another day of Otter being surrounded by too many people. This time though, our room can be a quite resource. He and I can sneak off for a good long nurse as often as he would like.

One thought on “Why I won’t put my client on the stand.”

  1. A “crush of people” is right!

    Why am I still awake?

    Oh, because a small portion of the crush came home with me. A squeeze?

    Yay you! Thanks for coming. I have some great pictures which I’ll be posting and sending your way.

    Happy b-day to Nama!

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