Right. So going somewhere to hang out for a few weeks used to be the way to refresh and relax. Used to be, as in, before I had two young people to care for during the weeks of “vacation”.

The time change coupled with the break in routine completely borks my children’s circadian rhythms, they don’t ever want to go to sleep, are so tired they fight sleep like crazy, and are generally sleep deprived. (This of course leads to a generally insane behavior, at least on the part of my 6 year old, though the baby can be nuts too.)
So instead of relaxing and lazing the day away, I am eternally engaged in the struggle for master of fate with my daughter, while trying to calm a really cranky boy. The struggle with my daughter looks a lot like boundary pushing, arguing, rule flouting, whining, and losing the ability to say please and thank you. For the baby, it just means being unwilling to sleep during the day, ever, and therefore being too tired to be happy with anything, resulting in lots of crying fits.

Ack!! Headache central here I come!

I love seeing everyone, and have been pretty good at limiting the social events to a minimum, but I still have the desire to lock myself in a room and be alone for a few hours. I spend a lot of time alone at home, so it is strange to be surrounded by so many people now. Wonderful, as I get to fill my days talking to people I rarely get to see, but strange.

I think I am going to have to hide in a closet for a few days when I get back to Jersey!

4 thoughts on “Vacation…?”

  1. And when you return to NJ, they’ll have finally adjusted to Mountain time. 😉 Hang in there, kiddo, and keeping my fingers crossed those chitlins get some sleep!

  2. Arggggh!

    While, logically I can understand, dagnabit! I want to see you. Darn those kids! They’re interfering with my Misty time.

    I’m tellin’ ya, they need to have Pause buttons installed.

    Of course, this is all your fault for being so darned popular. : )

  3. I call it decompression time. Come home, pull myself away from others until I’m rested and ready to socialize. Little ones need to decompress, too.

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