Bolstering from an unusual source…

I went to Victoria’s Secret to buy a bra today. I recognize that is a mistake, as they only recently began carrying bras in my non-nursing size, much less my nursing size. However, I was hopeful I could find a pretty, comfy bra to lift my bosom, and my ego along with it. I have been wearing serviceable, yet unappealing nursing bras for eight months now, and I would dearly love a little pizazz to strap into in the morning.

I went down and picked out their largest bra, took it to a model, sorry, “salesperson”, and into a changing room I went.

As I disrobed in the brutally honest light of the changing room mere steps from the incredibly thin, curvy, and made up Victoria’s Secret staff, I stared at my saggy, pouchy belly, and my huge pendulous breasts, took a deep breath, and tried on the bra. It almost fit.


I gazed at my four breasted reflection, and began to feel extra large. I swear, I could see my thighs and belly grow before my eyes. For one horrible moment, I wondered if I would ever again wear clothes close to my original size. I closed my eyes to block out the incoming tears, and suddenly got an ego boost from an unexpected source.

My baby.

All week Otter has been pulling away mid-nurse to look at my breasts, pat them, and smile at me. I have been interpreting it as a compliment to the chef, because the behavior is very deliberate on his part. He simply seems delighted with the source of his milk supply.

So as I sadly closed my eyes in that unforgiving dressing room, the image of his giant blue sparkly eyes smiling at me, complimenting the breasts that couldn’t fit into the sexy bra, leapt into my mind. Suddenly, I felt beautiful. I understood in that moment that my breasts are being fully appreciated for all they are, and all they can do. It doesn’t matter that they wander around in a drab nursing bra all day, they are amazing. It may be the most beautiful I have ever felt.

I walked out of the dressing room a very happy woman. I didn’t even glance at all the bras that won’t fit me, or sigh over the women I used to resemble. I just walked back out into the mall, and into the bosom of my family, where a certain young connoisseur waited in his stroller.

From the desk of…

Dear World,

I am Monkey and I hold the exalted position of “The First Baby” in the Law and Motherhood household. My brother, Otter, agrees that I am by far the most interesting thing that has ever happened to the universe.

I am six. I am growing and learning every day. I am at a very observant and funny age, or so my mother tells me. I certainly know I have been able to make my parents laugh a lot lately, which is one of my favorite things to do.

On the trip to Virginia I overheard my mother tell my father that her breasts felt like they were going to explode. I understood how she felt, I told them I felt like my bottom was going to explode. I wasn’t quite sure why they laughed as hard as they did, but I kept it going, telling them my knees were going to explode, my arms, etc.
Mommy explained that the bottom comment was funny, because it could mean I needed to poop really badly, and the timing had the element of surprise, but the other comments weren’t as funny. Still, I was quite pleased with my success as a comedian.

I am very interested in a lot of things right now, but the two most interesting to me are the piano and photography. I have been taking piano lessons for the last month and a half, and I am playing very well. I seem to have a real aptitude for music, which really should come as no surprise to anyone who has heard me sing all day. My mother gave me her old camera, and I have been taking hundreds of pictures with it. I think I am getting pretty good at it, though Mom tells me I have always been able to create a good picture. I have been taking pictures of my parents on family trips since I was three.

It has been a busy year here. I am excited for christmas, and really happy to have Otter to play with. Mommy tells me she is always surprised and grateful for how happy I am to have him, but I keep telling her, he’s so cute, and so happy, and so soft, of course I love him. I just don’t understand why I wouldn’t.

My favorite thing to do with him right now is to sneak up on him and say “Ga Ga” really loudly. It makes him laugh, over and over again. I also like to jump in the playpen and help him stack doughnuts. We have a lot of fun together. He likes it when I read him stories, and when he can rip my hair out. I don’t really like that last part, but I understand it is part of having a baby brother.

Well, Mom just turned the XBOX on for me, so I best be off. I am determined to win Lego Star Wars.

Oh yeah, Mom says “Don’t forget to enter the Spa Contest.” Don’t worry, I understand, she is always nagging me to do stuff too.