Otter all hands…

Otter is nine months old now and is all over the place!!

He can’t crawl yet, but he can scoot across a room in the blink of an eye, especially if there is a speaker cable or electrical cord he could chew on, a trash can he can tip over and rifle through, or a plastic bag he can play with!

Yes, the warning labels on plastic bags were made for my son, and children like him! He is fascinated by almost anything that would prompt me to say “No, no, honey, you could hurt yourself.” Safe, developmentally appropriate baby toys hold no interest for him.

He also has 300 hundred hands, though 298 of them are invisible to the naked eye. I am convinced it’s a new step in the evolutionary process. He can get into anything and everything. His reach is far longer than I think it is, so he will suddenly lunge onto the side of a soup bowl or a glass of milk and splish… we go through a lot of laundry these days.

Luckily I am paranoid and keep all truly hot and sharp things out of my reach, much less his.

I am going to be led quite a merry chase by this young man over the next few years (or longer).

Otter had his first egg yolk the other day, he was not thrilled with actually eating the hard boiled egg yolk, but he was thrilled with the tactile sensations the yolk introduced.

Otter enjoys his first egg yolk:

He is also sleeping on his tummy a lot now, which is an amazing shift for the boy who spoke out publicly against tummy time. He is less vociferous now, and even enjoys it during the day from time to time. That is a good thing, as almost all his reaching attempts result in a downward schlump into tummy time.

“da,da,da,ya,ya,da,sssththss,eh” He says to me, which I believe means “Quit blogging Mother and pay attention to me!”

2 thoughts on “Otter all hands…”

  1. In this picture he really looks like Marlena! They have the same eyes. Well, not the *same* – that would be gross.

  2. He’s so cute!! They grow so friggin’ fast. And I beleive that my youngest has the same genetic anomaly as yours.

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