Working on no sleep…

Is really hard.

I got the Answer back from the DOJ (U.S. Department of Justice) in my case, and I have to review it and prepare for the next step of the case. The next step includes a settlement and/or discovery conference.

Normally this would invigorate me, but I am sitting on the tail end of a week of all night nursing sessions and 5 to 6 am rising.

The baby…. he is eeeeveeeel!!

Sadly, when I am sleep deprived, all legal-ese begins to sound like that teacher from Charlie Brown. None of it makes sense. Ugh.

Maybe there is more coffee on my horizon today than normally.

I am a little nervous about calling the DOJ to confer. My office mate is a little unruly, and he doesn’t really nap at reliable times, so I am as likely to confer in between bouts of head-bonk induced tears as I am in civilized silence.

This would be an issue of working from home. I doubt most lawyers have partners banging wooden blocks onto the floor or plastic drums urging them to “cantamos and bailamos” in the background of their conference calls.

I recognize that working from home is becoming more acceptable, and therefore there is a small amount of baby interference to be expected, but I am not sure the DOJ is ready for a true Otter experience. He likes to talk into the phone, and to eat the phone, and most of my phone calls are spent trying to fight off his attempts to wrest the device away from me.

If he is awake, and I am on the phone, it will only take him a moment or two to notice that the fun speaking toy is out, and be interested in using it.

Sigh, he is back to pulling wipes out of the box and distributing them all over the floor. I should go retrieve them.

Please wish me luck, and a long nap for Otter, when it is time to make the call.

5 thoughts on “Working on no sleep…”

  1. Catt, you could hand Oliver the box of wipes (or a full box of tissues) & hope they keep him busy while you’re on the phone. Sometimes the unexpected access to previously verboten objects will keep a small person off-balance for just long enough. Sometimes. Good luck!

  2. I hope you get a good nap out of him at the right time! This is a momentous phone call. The other option: I hope your contact at the DOJ is a mom (or understanding dad).

  3. Thanks for your submission which has been posted at the April 7, 2008 edition of Carnival of Moms-in-the-Law

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