He can do it!!

After months of scooting on his bottom, look who’s crawling!!
(Please forgive the high squeaky voices, Monkey’s gets that way when she is excited, and Otter really seems to like it when my voice closely resembles Minnie Mouse’s. I don’t know why, but he does.)

My little man is now mobile, and any thoughts of rest still clinging desperately to the dark corners of my mind have been obliterated. For example, I am here, in my office, blogging to you at 1 a.m. because there is no chance to sit down during the sane parts of the day.

However, I love watching him move around. He is so deliberate in where he places his hands and knees. It seems almost as though he has studied crawling, and has engineered the ideal manner in which to crawl, and is sticking to that!! I get to hear this little pat pat pat pat of his hands as he places them down. It is quickly becoming one of the soft background sounds of my day.

I love it!!

Otter was inspired to crawl at Susan’s the other day. We were there watching her make a Striped Bavarian Cream dessert (which she lovingly brought to me today!) and having a little coze. She has these little gears on her fridge that move, and we turned them on. All of a sudden Oliver went from playing with a toy in the middle of the kitchen floor to crawling across the room to the gears. It was amazing to watch!!

I guess all he needed was the right motivation.

5 thoughts on “He can do it!!”

  1. Awesome! Go Oliver!

    But only in safe places. Not near the stairs. Oh and stay away from wires. And the oven and Marlena’s toys and…

    Are you sure you want him crawling? Eek!

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