A Marlena Moment….

We were watching National Geographic’s Six Degrees could change the world last night. Monkey was really interested in watching it, and begged to be allowed to stay up. We agreed to let her watch the first hour.

She was really upset by the possible effect of global warming. We explained to her that this was a projection, and one that would occur after her lifetime, but she was still worried.

When I asked her what she was worried about, she told me she was really worried about Otter. I asked why. She said she wanted him to grow up and have a full and happy life, and she was afraid that wouldn’t happen if global warming got too bad.

I was incredibly touched by her concern for her brother. I think it’s funny that she views herself to be so much older than him that she doesn’t have the same concern for herself, but it is very sweet to be so worried for him.

I explained to her that she and Otter should both be able to grow up without these intense environmental conditions, but while I was doing so, I realized I could no longer make the soothing assertion that their children could as well. We will likely see the increased storms and drought conditions, along with some of the other scary climate changes, within our children’s lifetimes, as for their children, who knows?

I don’t see our world making the necessary changes in the immediate future, there are still people out there who don’t believe there is anything going on.

3 thoughts on “A Marlena Moment….”

  1. It is ridiculous to me that there are still nay sayers out there… And worse, frightening. I can’t imagine what my children or grandchildren will have to endure because of what we’ve done to our planet. 🙁

  2. I’ve said time and time again that I feel its’ ridiculous to still deny global warming. But whatever.

    I’ve argued that argument so much that I can’t even address it anymore.

    That is so sweet of her!

  3. Yep, it kills me. Same as the world being over populated. It’s hotter now (on average) than it’s been as far back as we can see. That doesn’t mean just a couple hundred years, I mean ice core sample from over 500,000 years ago. But hey – it’s just a natural trend 😛

    Add to the fact that there are more people alive today than have EVER died (and I do mean all the dead people of history combined), and we’re doing even more to fill the air with CO2.

    Ah well, preaching to the choir about global warming here. It’s just sad that unless someone figures out a way to make all these jackasses even more stinking filthy rich, we’ll never see the changes necessary to prevent such a disaster.

    Ok – no more rambling from me tonight LOL

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