25 thoughts on “Weekly Winners”

  1. Mama’s milk is good for baby boy! Very good.

    Great pics, all of them.. Love “Hold the Phone”.

  2. It’s the “got milk” that melted my stone cold finished having kids heart. sigh. I wish I could shrink mine back down for day and take more nursing pics.

  3. Nothing’s better than seeing a nursing baby. Thanks!

    And that pudge – I wanna squish him!

  4. Ahhh! The Pudge!

    I think I like the first one with Marlena and the Got Milk pictures best.

    But I’m left wanting to squish Oliver. Squish!

  5. (Lemme try this again…)

    Aw, so very adorable! The first one is really precious.

  6. Never thought I would say this but I miss nursing:( We made it 17 months!!! Very sweet photos.

  7. Awww, love those shots, your kids are beautiful! And chubby chubs… so much to pinch!

    happy WW!

  8. I definitely enjoyed – absolute cuteness. Fav is of the last where they’re holding each other – haha :0

    Thx for your visit and hope you’re having a gr8 weekend *huggies*

  9. Oh the rolls are just too much!! I just want to eat’em up 🙂 So cute! Your photos are fabulous!

  10. oh man – the toes-so-chubby-they-squish-over-each-other killed me! So delicious! And the dirty little kid fingers? Perfect.

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