I love pets… really! I swear!

I do. I love them so much I have five! Three cats and two dogs! (Yes I am insane)
I love their snuggles, and their loyalty, their warm purring bodies trapping me in at night. One cat on each part of me not covered by a baby.
(Yes I am becoming claustrophobic.)
I love feeding and caring for five additional creatures. (Nothing like cat and dog food to add to the grocery budget! Oohh, and emptying those catboxes is a dream! Of course, Hubby gets the joy of picking fresh poo up with little plastic baggies, and he will happily tell you how much fun that is!!)

I love cleaning up their vomit, poop, urine, and creative impulses (like the shredded toilet paper roll, or the chewed up baby toy or kiddo stuffy, or couch).

Oh and don’t forget the joy of figuring out what that random smashing sound is, or having nap time interrupted by another round of Kitten Commando.

I simply adore finding random puddles of liquid on my floor, and playing bodily function roulette. Is it pee? Bile? Drool? Water from an illicit indoor afternoon tea? (Please be water… please!)

I think the best part is finding said liquid with my feet! Oh yes, nothing quite like stepping on slightly tepid liquid at five a.m.! Joy! (Especially if it is chunky and squishes between my toes! There is nothing better for waking a person up then stepping in fresh cat vomit!!)

Yes, I think being a pet owner is one of the greatest joys in my life.

6 thoughts on “I love pets… really! I swear!”

  1. Poor Hubby delights in calling me “Princess Pukefoot” during my one-footed hop after finding partially digested cat food & fur with a bare foot. And now, since puppy Seven joined our family, my ‘Puter Room smells like…well… Can’t wait ’til the carpets are replaced with hardwoods. Good thing animals are too cute to just give up on. 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog fellow Jersey mom! I have three cats and a bird. At one point I lived with my mom and we had five ctas, two dogs, and as bird! I can so relate to your post. My husband starting doing the litter when I was pregnant and he has never stopped!

  3. Our rabbits used to drop little puddles and tiny poopies in odd places. We had to formally train them out of that habit and close a few doors permanently. But darn, they’re cute. Really. The bunnies, not the poops and puddles.

  4. We have a puppy and I absolutely LOVE finding her accidents with my toes. You know, there is nothing better for me first thing than having to wash puppy poo off my feet.

    You made me laugh so hard. Thanks.

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