Okay, two posts in one day is annoying, I agree, but I finally have two minutes to myself today and frac I need to vent!

I know I am a big AP (as in Attachment Parenting or small fiendish children hanging on you all day and night forever) advocate, and I know I voluntarily signed up to nurse for two years, and to stay home with my son, and to co-sleep and baby wear.


Not all the time, just every now and then. You know, ten or fifteen minutes a day?

I used to dream of saving the world, or traveling in space, or being discovered for some artsy foreign film, or at least winning a huge Toxic Torts case. Now I dream of peeing, alone.

That’s right! Three years of educational hell and two hundred thousand dollars in student loans and my highest aspiration is eliminating in privacy!!

Otter is in such a needy place right now! (Read: He doesn’t nap and is therefore psycho) I can’t leave him in a room/crib/walker/exersaucer/whatever by himself for any time at all without him screaming! And he can scream! His little soft voice goes all sonic death ray on me as he strips his vocal cords in his attempts to be heard!

So what is a mom do? Well…. this mom finds herself either ignoring the gut wrenching screams coming from the bedroom whilst I pee…. or I bring him into the bathroom with me where I get to play the “No baby, you can’t play with the chemicals/toilet/toilet paper/toothbrush/hair dryer/choking hazard/first aid kit/ Q-tips/ medicine bottles/ eyebrow scissors/ razor blades/ poisonous gas dispenser” game, whilst I pee.

Either way, I don’t get to pee in peace. It seems like such a small thing, the chance to use the bathroom alone, and without any sense of urgency, but it turns out to be one of the trickiest things of all.

Is he like this because I am an AP parent? Are all children this way? Do other parents get to pee alone? It’s really what I want, a little peace, a little privacy, a chance to pee in private, with no screaming children in the background.

Isn’t that a goal worthy of my dearly bought talents?

6 thoughts on “Venting…”

  1. Oh dear… I remember this phase. We didn’t do AP but we definitely had periods of time when the boys were clingier than others. I think the only way I ever had five minutes to myself during those periods of time was with a video or a newer and very exciting toy to distract them. I sometimes found if I were very boring (like laying still on the floor and not talking about anything they were interested in) made them want to go find more exciting things.

    But don’t worry, this too shall pass….

  2. I have yet to experience this with my kids. Neither child has ever been clingy, HOWEVER, I still have at least one of them follow me to pee every time. It’s even worse now that Izzy can open the bathroom door. There’s nothing like getting ready to wipe and the door comes flying open!

  3. It probably has something to do with that fact that you’re AP. I consider myself quasi-AP, more so with Ari than Bella and I’ve been able to see the difference since Ari turned about 6 months old.

    That’s the price we pay for doing what’s best, I’d guess. 🙂

  4. I think AP is a lot easier when you have a community/village right beside you to tag-team during those ‘I gotta pee’ moments.

  5. I hear you on the alone time thing, but I’d just let him scream more. Then again, I’ve become inured to some level of screaming since you can’t please 2 babies all of the time.

    That being said, what’s wrong with two posts in the same day?

  6. i remember those days!!!

    the good news is that it des get better. my 7 year old no longer bothers me when I’m in the bathroom.


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