My Nine Jobs…

I am job hunting, looking for that fabled “what I am going to be when I grow up.”
It is not an easy thing to do. I look at job descriptions and think, is that really me? Do I fit that? Can I do that? What if I can do most of it?

It is an odd time, full of doubts and insecurities. Especially since I don’t really want to succeed at it. I want to stay home snuggled up with my baby, nursing and fully embracing his youngest years. Why doesn’t Stay at Home Parent pay anything? It should, I certainly fill enough roles. At the very minimum, I should be able to list some of my responsibilities on my resume, it’s not as if I have been sitting at home eating bon-bons for the last year.

I wonder what I would earn if I was doing all my jobs outside the home, instead of inside it?

Let’s see…. In order to get an idea of what my time is worth, I went to and looked up the various jobs I do within my zip code. According to the midrange salaries for the various positions, I should be a wealthy woman:

$22,000.00 year

Chef (Fast Food Cook)
$33,000.00 year

In home Nurse
$50,000.00 year

Personal Assistant
$45,000.00 year

$35,000.00 year

$35,000.00 year

$58,000.00 year

$30,000.00 year

Day Care Provider
$30,000.00 year

Obviously I can’t do all these full time, so let’s assume I am only doing them 1/3 as much as the professionals are (remember, I can’t leave my job to go home, and working nine part time jobs is actually possible, if you are working 24/7). At 1/3 annual salary for each job, added together, I should earn approximately $109,000.00 a year.

Wow. The work I do at home is as valuable as the work I would do as a lawyer! Sadly, it doesn’t pay in cash, only in drooly, sticky love. (Okay, and lots of hand made artwork.)

What does this financial revelation really mean? Well, maybe it means that all you stay at home parents out there who feel as though you “aren’t contributing” to the household should rethink your definition of contribution. If you were to pay others to do what you do, you would have some pretty ridiculous bills.

Well, the boss is demanding my attention, so I am off to work! Here, why don’t you enjoy an oft requested (by Hatchet anyway) video of Otter toddling while I go sweep up scattered and stepped on Goldfish:

And here he is saying Balloon (okay, his version of Balloon, which is really more of a “Bavvoonmn” sound):

4 thoughts on “My Nine Jobs…”

  1. The videos are great! He’s such a chunk of love!

    As for salary, great research, now how do we get that proposal onto the congress floor?

  2. Ahhhh! The Otter is coming RIGHT FOR ME!


    Thanks for putting that up. I so wanted to see that. He’s walking like a champ!

    Wait! How much does he weigh now? Have we caught up?

    Also, I’d like a paycheck. Do I get to double it because of the twins?

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