The big baby…

Otter is one. Just one, he hasn’t even hit thirteen months yet. Despite his youth, he is big, huge really. His last stats were:

Weight 30 pounds 6 ounces
Height 31 1/2 inches
What does this size mean beyond increased muscle gain in my arms? (All right, my arm, I am really bad at alternating, so I end up with a muscular right arm, and a measly left.)

It means I have a one year old, who sometimes acts like a two year old. He reaches up and opens all the doors and he can hold my hand when walking without me stooping to reach him. He pulls furniture down on himself, and can reach onto all the surfaces in my home, except the kitchen island. Last night for dinner he ate a serving of meatloaf, as in, the same size serving I ate. Then he nursed for an hour. He is a big boy, destined to be a linebacker, or wrestler, or an interior decorator (What? He will be able to better reach the draperies for improved artistic arrangement). He can also get himself down off of the bed and couch, without hurting himself.

Don’t believe me? Luckily for you this whole diatribe is a thinly veiled excuse to show you more baby cuteness… so here it is:

Note how he is taller than the tall kitchen garbage can in our bedroom.

Thank you for sharing in my Otter’s accomplishments with me. I am going to start strength training to deal with his increased weight, but I don’t think I will be needing much of an exercise plan after he gets through with me.

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  1. wow! My little Lani is 22 months and is just over 20! She loves to be carried everywhere so I am thankful for this:) LOL!!

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