If it’s not one thing…

It’s another.
So I am trying to find a job in Denver, get ready for a huge yard sale, and pack our stuff for the move back home when Otter develops a rash.
No biggie right? Just a little rash.

A little rash that is spreading to his legs and arms…

A little rash that is developing blisters on his hands and feet…

A little bit of the Hand, Foot, and Mouth.

Yup, inordinately painful and completely untreatable, this rash will last for 7-10 days, during which time he will be in pain while walking, nursing, crawling, sitting, lying down, and everything else.

So…. so much for work.

Instead I expect to spend much of my time helping my poor little man deal with these:

3 thoughts on “If it’s not one thing…”

  1. oh Misty, I’m so sorry. The whiplash that comes from changes in plans can be so painful. Especially when it’s plans for coming home.

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