Standing up instead of standing by…

Monkey won an award yesterday for standing up to a bully.

Apparently a second grader named Dillon was pushing her friend Anthony in the back and she got up in his face and told him to quit. Her friend Jasmine backed her up.

The school, which has a zero tolerance for bullies policy, gave her a stuffed tiger at an awards ceremony, with the ribbon on it that says “Stand up citizens don’t stand by.”

She is very proud of herself, as are we. Actually, I am incredibly proud of her, as it is hard to stand up to a bigger kid when someone small is being pushed around. Our culture is usually more willing to look away, than confront the problem. I am glad my daughter is willing to confront it.

However, now I am thinking I need to get her into some boxing classes, just so she can back herself up, when she once again decides to tell off a bully who is older and bigger than her. If she is anything like me, she will likely be telling bullies off for the rest of her life.

5 thoughts on “Standing up instead of standing by…”

  1. We could get her a costume.. Does she have a color theme in mind? A vague idea of her powerset? We need a name.. One of my students this year is actually going to ‘ninja school’ would Monkey be interested in ‘ninja school’?

  2. go Monkey go! If she’s willing to stand up for the little guy then she’s going to stand up for herself too. An important trait in kids, and girls especially, I think.

    Hope you know this is a sign of your great mothering powers.

  3. Ninja School sounds really good…. and thanks Cat! I would like to think this comes from me, but I think it is mostly her.

  4. I could recommend a martial arts class of some sort – mainly because self-restraint is taught along with the self-defense aspects. Karl was particularly helped by akido classes.

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