In an attempt to motivate myself I hung my ridiculously over-sized law degree over my desk this morning. As I straightened the edges of it’s gold, imposing frame, I was certain it would remind me how amazing I am and help me find the perfect job. If I saw it on some other professional’s wall I would think “Gee! That person is really, really smart! I want to hire them!”

Unfortunately it is not making me think that I am particularly smart. It is making me hop up every few minutes to insure the hanger is secure so the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down onto my monitor and soon to be outdated laptop.

Instead of inspiring me, it’s looming over me, reminding me that I should be doing so much more than I am. After all, how can someone with a degree that large choose to stay at home or save some random species? Shouldn’t I be trying to negotiate peace in the Middle East by now? What am I doing making cookies, changing diapers, and protecting frogs!?

Maybe I should hang it in the bathroom, though I would hate to think what inequities would be uncovered in there.

3 thoughts on “Imposed…”

  1. both of my lawyer cousins here in sunny CO are advocates in adams county. it may not be what you want to to do, and i understand there are a few hoops to jump tho… but maybe???

  2. Actually I was a children’s advocate in Adams county while in school, and I loved it. I am definitely getting onto the OCR list for 2008-2009, though I missed the deadline for this year.

    Thanks elisava!!!

  3. Scylla, I’m the author of Staying at Home: Staying in the Law: A Guide to Remaining Active in the Legal Profession While Pursuing Your Dreams (American Bar Association, July 2008). I wrote this book to deal exactly with the thoughts you mention–“Shouldn’t I be trying to negotiate peace….What am I doing making cookies?…” Keep up the blogging! Julie

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