25 thoughts on “Weekly Winners…”

  1. is that legal shit at the top supposed to be funny?
    i mean, i like reading your blog, but have you really found that you need to protect your pics?

  2. maybe i’m not phrasing this right… are these al l your pictures… and if so, why do you feel the need to protect them???

  3. Sara,

    The stuff at the top is not supposed to be funny and is there to indicate that the pictures have a copyright. I placed it there so I wouldn’t have to cover over the photo with a watermark like many other WW members do. I prefer to show them without any alteration, but in order to be protected, I have to alert people.

    I also do sell the photographs, so that would be why I felt the need to legally “pee” on them, for lack of a better expression.

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