When I grow up…

I think I have figured it out. (You know, the what I am going to be part.)

I have been trying to consider leaving my son in day care and joining the full time working world, but each time I do he signs milk to me or comes over for a hug and I think “I just can’t do this.”

It’s a new place for me, this wanting to stay at home. I have been rabidly independent for as long as I can rememeber. I have never considered staying home. This is the first relationship I have ever been in when I allowed someone else to support me. It feels strange. I feel as though I should trade in my Feminist Membership card for a pair of apron strings.

However, I think I have found a balance.

In the Colorado County Domestic Relations Courts there is a role called a Child and Family Investigator. This person acts as an investigative arm of the court and assists the courts in determing parenting responsiblities in contentious divorces. It is work I am well trained in doing as I used to provide this service in restraining order court for couples involved in domestic violence situations.

I met with my supervisor from my days in restraining order court and she excitedly suggested I open my own private CFI practice.

I am.

I will be able to accept cases and clients on my terms, for my own pay rate, and do most of the work from home. I will not have to leave my little man in a day care center. I may have to hire someone to come into my home two days a week, but that I can do. Best of all, I can continue to accept environmental cases, and therefore still save the world, one species at a time.

I have spent the past three days researching my new position, creating a website, preparing trust accounts and billing, getting an introduction letter and brochure together, and discussing the option of employing other qualified friends in this new enterprise.

I am excited. I will be dropping off my introduction letters next week and will be ready to accept clients immediately.

Wish me luck!!

5 thoughts on “When I grow up…”

  1. oh! good luck! I am so happy for you that you’ve found something that will fulfill you professionally and give you the personal life you want too. It’s a rough balance that most of us are still trying to find.

  2. That’s wonderful that you found a way to make your career work with your family life! I know how hard that is, I’ve taken a year off with each of my children and then returned to my legal assistant positions, but this past year I had my third child and I just knew I couldn’t go back this time. So I found a business that would work for me and like you, I am setting it up so I can work from my home, doing work I love.

    Best of luck to you!

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