D&D, meet Photoshop…

You know that point in character creation when the very patient person helping you create a new player character says “Now the only thing that’s left is for you to draw your character!!”?

Well, historically I hate that point, mainly because I can’t draw. At all. However I love being original, so I don’t like to just go online and get a picture for my character. I want my own!! In the past I have rendered sad little sketches of 2 dimensional creatures. (Okay, mostly elves.)
This time around I used Photoshop to render a Tiefling version of myself. Might as well be me, even when I am not being me. This is the result:

D&D, meet Photoshop.
D&D, meet Photoshop.

Note the horns, and the funky forhead, and the eyebrow and nose modifications. Don’t forget to look closely at the eyes either, they have been altered in shape and color to better “creepify” my character. I have to say, I had so much fun rendering this image that I am tempted to offer similar work up to the other players.

I love photoshop! For the first time ever, I have a really cool character image to go with my really cool character! (Okay, it’s 1st level and I will likely die soon, but hey! Another chance to make another picture!!)

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