Otter is not the most talkative baby, well, in English anyway. He loves to yammer away in his own tongue, fully expecting you to follow, but he is not a big fan of English words. However, he communicates so well without them, that it’s no surprise to me that his vocabulary isn’t getting much bigger.
The other day we came downstairs for breakfast and I gave him a sippy cup of water. He marched into the living room, took a long drink, set the cup down on the coffee table, and climbed onto the couch. Then he settled himself comfortably and looked the the television.

Then he looked at me.

Then he looked at the television.

So I asked him if he wanted to watch a program. He smiled, so I turned on Little Bear.

He began to cry. Curious, I changed it to Little Einsteins.

He smiled.

I handed him his water to drink and began to go back into the kitchen. He took a drink, got up, put his sippy cup on the coffee table, and then settled back into the couch.

Not a word was spoken, but he was able to tell me what he wanted, down to the t.v. program and the placement of his refreshment.

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