Crickets… and lizards.

Starting a practice is a truly demoralizing process. Realistically I know that I am not going to get phone calls for clients immediately, and that it will take time for me to get my name out there. I know this. However, after sending out information, emailing virtually everyone I know, and calling contacts for ideas and informational interviews, it’s hard not to take the silence personally.

Scree scree chirp

Well, not silence really, imaginary crickets. You know, the sound they play in movies when comedians make a joke and all you hear is a cricket in the background, indicating they suck.

I am hearing crickets. chirp scree

However, I am not giving the crickets a place to stay. Yesterday I began calling and emailing family law attorneys who do CFI work and pestering them for more informational interviewing. Maybe, just maybe, this will amount to a little overflow. I also began the process of accepting cases representing respondant parents in abuse cases. Not something I would normally want to do, but the good G.A.L.’s I know tell me to do it, so I can maintain a realistic view of the human side of parents, and better serve children in the long run. So…. I did it.

In the meantime, I accepted another environmental law case, this one filing for protection of the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard. It’s pretty darn cute, fairly shy, and won’t travel far from it’s natal shrub, which I find oddly endearing. (Click on the picture for your Wikipedia entry on my little critter.)

Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, photo from Adventure, posted by accorie 05-21-2008
Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, photo from Adventure, posted by accorie 05-21-2008

Well, it’s off to a limping, loping, stumbling start, but it’s off. A practice, of my own. Working in my jammies, with the sound of Disney’s Little Einsteins in the background. Bliss.

Now if only it would pay…

6 thoughts on “Crickets… and lizards.”

  1. These are hard times and there will be a winnowing out of the weakest, but stick at it Scylla.. I am hoping that there is going to be a major shift in optimism in 2 weeks time that should resonate around the world. I doubt everything will be fixed but hopefully we can start getting out of the mess of the last 10 years. Don’t get me onto Disney’s Baby Einstein!!!

  2. I should totally represent some turtles, and a friggin prairie dog or two!

    DBN, this is my first time practicing alone, I have handled cases alone before, but on a “keep my hand in” part time basis. Now it is verra verra real.

    Bruce, thanks for the vote of confidence!! I am hoping I can get it together. On a dark side, if money problems are the number 1 reason for divorce in this country, should a recession mean big business for divorce attorneys?

  3. I bumped into some friends from law school this week, at poll-watcher training. We traded “new lawyer war stories,” so to speak. ‘John’ told me he personally contacted more than 300 people, looking for work. I consider him your basic, well-scrubbed, competent law student. Almost two years out of school he eventually found a job at a small firm. Why do I mention it? Not to discourage, just to point out that personally contacting literally everyone in your ‘monkey sphere’ (and then everyone they may wish to refer you to) may be a necessary evil in this economy. I’m with Bruce. If we can get past this election there will be a resurgence of common sense, rational thinking, and optimism. If we elect Obama, ‘natch.

  4. I wish I had been at poll watcher training with you! I was planning to attend, but Otter didn’t go to bed the night before until almost 1 a.m.
    I was a wreck. Then I had a CLE/Networking event all afternoon and evening.
    I am going to the Nov. 1 training.

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