Wills in the gothic style…

One of the things my Trusts and Estates professor told us was to embrace the ceremony behind the execution of a will, and never forget it should be a special event, filled with pomp and circumstance, regardless of how many wills you have created. After all, it is rare for a person get more than one or two done in their lifetime, so it’s a unique experience for your client, even if  it is bread and butter for you.

Which got me thinking I should use some nice paper, get some special envelopes made for the storage, etc.

Then my mother suggested that I offer wills in a gothic style, to appeal to those friends of mine in the Goth community.

I think this would be so much fun! Imagine the possible textures and colors you could work with! Imagine wax seals on the envelopes! How cool would it be to have an entire set of legal documents designed to appeal to the lifestyle of your client instead of making them use the same old template everyone else uses? After all, it’s not as if the court will toss the Will out because it’s on parchment paper and has a neat font at the top, so long as the requirements for validity are met, design is simply the fun part!

6 thoughts on “Wills in the gothic style…”

  1. And when it’s read, all the women have to wear black hats with veils and dab at their eyes delicately with lace handkerchiefs, and the men have to wear dark suits. Awesome!

  2. Or on those edible papers. You could have a copy in your desk and eat the copy in your hands, and be all like, “Ha ha! I ate the will! You’re all so screwed.”

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