Many hats…

I have many hats, they vary in size and color, and I toss them on whenever I need them the most.

Today I donned my housewife hat and raced out the door to procure juice, cheese, coffee and the all important vaccum bag. Sadly, the bag in question was not present at my local shoppery, so I had to steal one from my mother. (Who happily owns the same vaccum I do. Always buy your mother’s vaccum for this reason.) Then I raced back to the house to host a playdate for Otter, Monkey, and their friend L, who is Otter’s age.

As soon as I got home I donned my housekeeper hat and made the coffee, vaccumed the house, did the dishes and prepared a late breakfast. Then I tossed on my teacher/daycare provider hat and rearranged the furniture so the children had room to roam and created centers with the kid’s toys so their little minds had many places to visit and grow. Once the kids were all happily playing between the sandbox and the living room under the supervision of my darling Monkey, I headed into the office for some lawyering.

I crammed the lawyer hat onto my head and researched the historic range of the Jaguarundi on Google. I added what I found to my complaint, along with some language direct from the Fish and Wildlife Service about how important a recovery plan would be to the conservation of that species. (Yay!) My research was interrupted by the sounds of cold children wishing to be let in and the realization that the freshly vaccumed floor was about to be turned into a beach.

I quickly grabbed by mommy hat and shuffled three very sandy kids into the house and into the shower. Once de-sanded I deposited them in front of a movie and plopped my chef’s hat onto my head. I made lunch out of cheese, crackers, grapes, bagels, and muffins. I served lunch up with Disney’s Robin Hood and raced back into the office to create a comprehensive yet friendly engagement letter for my new client. I shook my head internally as I added phrases like “Client hereby grants Attorney a lien on any and all claims…” and “severability in the event of partial invalidity.”

My designer/marketing hat came on while I redesigned my logo and ordered stickers for envelopes and invoicing. Then I tossed back on the mommy hat to pick up the scattered toy centers and help a now limping Monkey recover from her poor furniture climbing choice.

Obviously I once again located the blogger hat that slid behind my desk weeks ago and decided to at least try it on, if only for a moment, before once again tossing the housekeeper hat on to empty the trash and sweep the sand off the floor.

3 thoughts on “Many hats…”

  1. Least it sounds like they all got along well, and you didn’t have to wear the ‘Referee’ hat 🙂

    With a bunch of boys around the house, I find I have to wear that one more often than I’d like!

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