Falling off the face of the internet…

It’s not that I want to lose my readers and wave goodbye to the hard earned stats acquired after two solid years of blogging effort. (Though sadly my 200 or more readers a day is down to between 13 and 40. Hello there 1-40! Sorry I haven’t posted much lately!)

It’s that I have nothing to say.

It’s true. I seem to be out of words the second I sit down to blog. When I was lonely in Jersey the words spilled out of my mind and onto my keyboard multiple times a day, but now, now I can barely think of anything to say. Hell, sometimes lately I feel as though Facebook is too much of a social commitment for me. I had to quit Twitter because there was no way I was adding that much constant communication to my day.

Is that nuts? Is it weird to love something so much you have to restrain yourself from doing it all the time and then suddenly want to stop?

I know blogging made me feel healthier, and I think maybe I should keep at it, regardless of my reluctance.

So… one post a week. That is my goal. One post a week is a good start. It won’t hit the over 200 posts I had my first year, but it might give me a chance to put up Otter’s bday pictures, share my office stories, and rejoin this world that cradled me when times were tough. It may give me a chance to reconnect with my far away friends, my internet friends, and the people I connect with, even though we have never met in person.

After all, I blogged when I had a new baby, and now, my work is my new baby. I have a lot of exciting things going on in my little office under the stairs. Maybe it’s time to transition away a little for motherhood and write more about law.

However, Otter is next… once I have edited the photos, his birthday party, complete with ball pit and balloon forest, will be up for your perusing pleasure. After all… a kiddo birthday can’t be ignored, regardless of the stack of grant proposals piling up on one’s desk.

4 thoughts on “Falling off the face of the internet…”

  1. Thankfully I never joined twitter. And I’ve cut way back on my FB, and you know what? I am still alive!

    I think outside is calling us 🙂

  2. I hear ya. I’m on facebook a lot (it takes just seconds of your time and requires nothing more but a few clicks and clever quips), but I couldn’t bring myself to blog- something I was doing nearly every day for a while.

    I have nothing to say-in person either. Maybe I’m in a cocoon?

  3. I think I’d have more time for blogging if I wasn’t so busy baking. Or sleeping off this cold. Or chasing twins. Or trying to finish my birthday puzzle.

    Of course, blogging for me also includes editing photos, so it’s usually never just popping in, spewing witticisms and running off. Noooo! It’s all work! work! work!

    And forget Twitter!

    FB, I kinda like for the fast way of catching up on other people’s lives. Plus, my sisters and SIL posts photos of the kids there! Yay!

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