An Epileptic Lawyer walks into a courtroom…

I went to court today for a hearing and nothing unusual happened during the hearing!!

I didn’t have a seizure, my face didn’t twitch or flutter, I didn’t have trouble focusing or staying awake, and I wasn’t unfocused or forgetting half the words in the English language!!

Of course, the second it was over my blood sugar crashed, my right thumb started to spasm and my face began it’s wierd little muscle dance but during the stressful and emotionally charged hearing itself I held it together!! Thank god!! I was so afraid I was going to go into court and have a moment where my face twitched just visibly enough that the Judge thought I was laughing at her.

“Counselor. Do you find something amusing?”asks the woman in the flowing black robes as she holds my clients future in her hands.

“No your Honor, I apologize, I’m Epileptic and my medication causes odd and unfortunately timed facial twitching. I swear I am not laughing at you.”

I could barely sleep last night as images of this and other side effect related issues flooded my imagination. I was so stressed out this morning on my way in. I so rarely appear in court these days anyway, as most of my practice is settlement, that appearing in court under these circumstances just seemed really unduly stressful.

Not only did I not fall apart and seize uncontrollably in reaction to the added stress, I kicked ass in the hearing too.

Today is a good day.

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