To challenge or not to challenge…

Anyone who has been following me for the past few years is aware of the long, tedious, and side effect filled journey that has been my tale. I have tried the leading medical treatments and hospitals, I have tried some outlandish theories, I have found some successes, and I have given up.

After years of ups and downs and pain I am finally at a point where my peaks and valleys have largely grown closer together until I am at, if not a constant state of wellness, at least a relatively manageable and stable level of pain. I have also dispensed with the side effects that usually come with the treatments and trial periods, so I am better able to reliably guess my limits.

I am dialing it in.

Is it time to try more? If I am achieving balance in this current state is it time to push myself a little? To see if I can eek out a closer to normal existence? Do I dare?

Pirates stole my spoons!!

This weekend was PirateFest in Northglenn and as usual I overdid it preparing for and dealing with the event. In addition to creating a slew of last minute items last week I also reinvented my displays. I did manage to rest some leading up to Friday but not a lot.

Friday early afternoon I grabbed Oliver and we headed up to Northglenn to set up. He was amazingly helpful, especially for a 10-yr old. I am certain I wouldn’t have faired as well without him. He helped me set up the tent, the tables, the chairs, the decorations, the displays, and even the items. During the Pirate Ball he even ran for food and drink and minded the store while I used the restroom. By the end of the evening he was up to speed on using the credit card reader and counting back change.


Sales went well. I completely sold out of chokers, which tells me next year I will need more of them. My ‘mermaid tear’ pendants sold well too.

A mermaid tear necklace made from chandelier crystal. 

A goodly number of people bought my charm necklaces and some bought my higher end silver items. It was a good feeling to see those pieces find homes.

Sterling silver earrings dangle from a happy pirate’s ears! 

As usual I learned a few things:

  1. Never, ever, use a red camping shade tent in high wind for a jewelry show. To begin with you will have a red cast to all your pieces – see above photo. Secondly, you will see said tent break as the wind whips all the things around. It’s far better to just buy the commercial tent.
  2. No matter how careful I am I will always overdo it during a show. Ouch.
  3. Electrolytes do help with the headache. Not so much with the swelling and stiffness of fibro.
  4. My back won’t actually snap in half when I force it to move after an entire day on my feet.

I have been pretty good about resting today. I did some hydrotherapy on the advice of my massage therapist. Using epsom salt and peppermint I scrubbed all the sore spots vigorously under warm water and then rinsed with cool. It seemed to loosen me up enough to take a short walk with the dog, which in turn loosened me up even more. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that movement itself, as much as the initial bits hurt, ends up making me feel better.

Next week I have Denver Handmade Market, which means I will need to get more things finished this week and then spend three days in a booth hawking my wares.

Let’s hope I can save up enough spoons for it!


The witching hour…

It’s nearly midnight. My son is sleeping peacefully at my side, the dog curled into the crook of his arm in slumbering bliss. The cat gave up trying to sleep on me because despite having worked myself way too hard today I can’t sleep!! ARGH!

I made displays for my upcoming show today and now I can’t stop thinking about them. I have been wanting to create a unique and cohesive look that would travel well and not require I suddenly be able to lift 8 million pounds. These were my solution: IMG_20170910_184535

Each of the upright displays (There are two grey ones and two violet, I just didn’t have room to photograph the 2nd gray display) is cork board over 1/4 inch thick plywood with a fabric cover. I basically made pretty sandwich boards. The table top displays were various baskets and things I stitched the fabric to and then wound copper LED lights through. I used the battery packs for the lights to angle the displays slightly. I’m very pleased with the result.

I also made a display for the “chandelier earrings” I have been working on:


I plan to hang the chandelier from the lighting construct I made today and then hang the earrings from it. I also wound a copper LED light string through the chandelier to brighten it up a bit. I’m hoping the addition of the chandelier will further create the ambiance I want in my booth.

I am very pleased with the result of my labors but I am an idiot for pushing myself so hard. I just wanted to have everything done on the display end so I could relax and finish product throughout the rest of the week. The problem with being a one-woman show is there is no other person to pawn this stuff off onto!

Here’s to hoping I don’t pay too dearly for the work I did today.